Friday, October 3, 2014

Playlist for 10.3.14: Boo Hoo

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12:07PM Ramma Lamma “Zero Hour theme” from Zero Hour theme (2013) on Self Local
12:10PM The Sabres “Take Up the Slack Daddy-O” from The Red Hot Sounds of the The Sabres (2002) on Norton
12:11PM The A-Bones “Luci Baines” from Ears Wide Shut (2014) on Norton Records Inc.
12:12PM Buck Owens “It's a Monster Holiday” from It's a Monster's Holiday (1974) on CAPITOL
12:16PM The Mad Doctors “Surfboard From Hell” from Snake Oil Superscience (2014) on self-released New
12:22PM John Schooley “Boo Hoo” from The Man Who Rode the Mule Around the World (2014) on Voodoo Rhythm New
12:26PM Ike Turner & The Kings Of Rhythm “Double Mint” from Rock 'n' Roll Versus Rhythm and Blues on Valmor
12:29PM Batman & Garagekid “I Was on Holiday in Ouagadougou” from Batman & Garagekid (2014) on Batchelor
12:30PM The Liminanas “(I've Got) Trouble In Mind” from I've Got Trouble in Mind: 7" and Rare Stuff 2009/2014 (2014) on Trouble In Mind Records New
12:34PM Les Grys Grys “Hot Gully Wind” from Hot Gully Wind b/w Neighbour, Neighbour (2014) on State New
12:38PM Barrence Whitfield & The Savages “What a Shame” from What a Shame (2014) on Norton
12:39PM The Arrogants “Drunky Blues” from Introducing… - EP (2014) on Dirty Water Records New
12:46PM The Dwarves “Anything You Want” from The Dwarves Invented Rock 'n' Roll (2014) on Recess New
12:49PM The Humpers “Hey Shadow” from Positively Sick... (1993) on Sympathy For The Record Industry
12:51PM Figures of Light “Don't Call Us, We'll Call You” from Drop Dead (2011) on Norton Records Inc.
12:53PM The Dynamic Kapers “Alligator Wine” from Frantic Shindig (2013) on Outhouse
12:56PM Angus MacMannus “Make You Brand New” from Mother of All Bastards - EP (2014) on Ghetto Palm Music New
12:58PM OBN IIIs “Off the Grid (Live)” from OBN III's Live in San Francisco (2014) on Castle Face Records New
01:04PM The POP “Wait A Minute” from Radio Ready: Wisconsin - Lost Power Pop Hits: 1972-1982 (2014) on Cheap Rewards Records Local
01:07PM Ramma Lamma “Wet Denim” from Ice Cream (2014) on Certified PR Local
01:09PM The Haskels “Daddy's Girl” from Radio Ready: Wisconsin (2014) on Cheap Rewards Local
01:12PM Ramma Lamma “BuzzKill” from Ice Cream (2014) on Certified PR Local
01:17PM The Vagoos “Abu Dhabi Blues” from S/T (2014) on Off Label
01:22PM Churchwood “Drapetomaniac” from 3: Trickgnosis (2014) on Saustex Media
01:25PM Nikki Sudden “Pin a Rose On Me” from Fred Beethoven (2014) on Easy Action / Rookwood Productions New
01:29PM The Fleshtones “Tear For Tear” from Wheel of Talent (2014) on Yep Roc Records
01:31PM The Empty Hearts “I Found You Again” from The Empty Hearts (2014) on Savoy
01:35PM The Forty Nineteens “Falling Down” from Spin It (2014) on Heyday Records
01:37PM The Muggs “Slow Curve” from On With The Show (2008) on the Muggs
01:42PM The Great Dismal Swamis “Phantom Tollbooth” from Phantom Tollbooth (2014) on RZO
01:48PM The Routes “World on My Shoulders” from World on My Shoulders (2014) on KOTJ
01:50PM Friends of Cesar Romero “Yr Two Hearts” from Cinco Seis (2014) on self-released
01:52PM The Hares “Too Late To Save Your Skin” from Smoking in Bed (2014) on Saustex Media New
01:57PM The Felines “Theme From the Critter Room” from Want (2014) on Soundflat
01:58PM Los Straitjackets “Fury” from Los Straitjackets: Deke Dickerson Sings The Instrumental Hits (2014) on Yep Roc
02:03PM Broderick & Barnes “Simmer You Down” from Simmer You Down (2014) on vacilando 68
02:07PM Tiger High “Alright” from Inside The Acid Coven (2014) on Trashy Creatures
02:11PM Estrogen Highs “Newtown Teen Center” from Hear Me on the Number Station (2014) on Trouble In Mind Records New
02:14PM The Real Numbers “Pinckney St.” from Tear it In Two (2010) on Florida's Dying
02:14PM The Steve Adamyk Band “Cover Me Up” from Dial Tone (2014) on Dirtnap Records New
02:18PM Cyanide Pills “Conquer the World (Live)” from Live 'N' Nasty in Frankfurt (2014) on Damaged Goods
02:24PM Miriam “Walking Down The Street” from My Love Has Gone (2014) on Norton Records
02:26PM The Teamsters “On the Canal at Dark” from The Teamsters (2014) on Moody Monkey Records New
02:29PM The Improbables “Bad Vibrations” from Bad Vibrations/Giving You a Key (2014) on Hidden Volume
02:32PM The Barracudas “Chevy Baby” from Drop Out With the Barracudas (2005) on EMI UK
02:34PM The Reprobettes “Rebel Heather” from s/t (2014) on Off The Hip
02:38PM The Youth “I'll Call Your Bluff” from I'll Call Your Bluff/You've Done Me Wrong (2014) on State New
02:41PM The Split Signals “You Bring Me Down” from Killer Diller 7" (2013) on Killer Diller
02:43PM Stupidity “On Fire” from Fore (2014) on GoFast Records
02:45PM Cowbell “Oh Yolande” from Skeleton Soul (2014) on Damaged Goods New
02:48PM Daddy Long Legs “Long John's Jump” from Blood From A Stone (2014) on Norton Records Inc.
02:51PM Tangiers “Doin' the Waddle” from Whip! Wobble! & Grind! on Club Harlem
02:53PM James Davis “I'm Gonna Tell it On You” from I Pity the Fool: The Duke Records Story 1952-1962 (2013) on One Day
02:55PM Johnny Royal “Lover Boy” from I Am an Ape: White Trash Rockers Vol. 2 on Panic
02:58PM The Chocolate Watchband “Are You Gonna Be There (At The Love In)” from Melts in Your Brain ... Not On Your Wrist! (2005) on Big Beat

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