Friday, December 5, 2014

Playlist for 12.5.14: Hello Old Friend

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12:03PM Ramma Lamma “Zero Hour theme” from Zero Hour theme (2013) on Self
12:07PM Sonny & Cher “It's Gonna Rain” from Where the Action Is: Los Angeles Nuggets (2009) on Rhino
12:09PM John Wesley Coleman “Money In My Pocket” from The Love That You Own (2014) on Burger Records New
12:13PM Dusty Mush “Cowboy Express” from Dusty Mush (2014) on Howlin' Banana
12:16PM Acid Baby Jesus “I'm Becoming a Man” from Selected Recordings (2014) on Slovenly Recordings
12:20PM Python Lee Jackson “Sweet Consolation” from Sweet Consolation 1966-73 (2009) on Half A Cow Records
12:28PM England's Glory “City of Fun” from City of Fun / Shattered Illusions - Single (2014) on Hozac
12:32PM Nots “Strange Rage” from We Are Nots (2014) on Goner New
12:35PM Hector's Pets “School Days” from Pet-O-Feelia (2014) on Oops Baby Records
12:38PM The Rich Hands “No Harm Blues” from Out of My Head (2014) on Fountain
12:42PM Ex Hex “How You Got That Girl” from Rips (2014) on Merge New
12:45PM The band in Heaven “I Know You Know” from The Boys of Summer of Sam - Single (2014) on Hozac New
12:52PM Reigning Sound “Falling Rain” from Shattered (2014) on Merge Request
12:54PM Eddie Hinton “You Got Me Singing” from A Mighty Field of Vision: The Anthology 1969-1993 (2005) on Raven
12:57PM Marianne Faithfull “Love More Or Less” from Give My Love To London (2014) on Easy Sound Recording Company New
01:04PM Mike Benign & Blue in the Face “We Swore Oaths” from We Swore Oaths/No Better Off (1992) on Don't
01:07PM The Cake People “Statues” from Statues (1993) on November Rain
01:10PM Rustle of Luv “Right” from Big Love (1995) on Splunge
01:12PM Rustle of Luv “Messiah” from Big Love 7" (1995) on Splunge
01:15PM Lee Bains III & The Glory Fires “The Company Man” from Dereconstructed (2014) on Sub Pop Records
01:18PM The Rolling Stones “Rip This Joint” from Exile On Main St (1972) on Rolling Stones Records
01:22PM The Bloodhounds “Indian Highway” from Let Loose! (2014) on Alive Naturalsound New
01:25PM Bo-Dogs “Bo Diddley's Dog” from Bad Bad Dog! (2014) on Low Impact Records New
01:27PM Daddy Long Legs “10,000 Miles” from Blood From A Stone (2014) on Norton Records Inc.
01:30PM John Lee Hooker “Bad Boy” from The Legendary Modern Recordings (1994) on Ace
01:33PM James Williamson with Joe Cardamone “Pin Point Eyes” from Re-Licked (2014) on Leopard Lady
01:41PM Friends of Cesar Romero “Every Girl is Secretly a Morticia” from Cinco Seis (2014) on self-released
01:43PM Muck and the Mires “Don't Write Her Off” from Dial M for Muck (2014) on Dirty Water
01:46PM The Yolks “I Want Your Number” from Kings of Awesome! (2014) on Randy Records New
01:49PM Outrageous Cherry “Priceless Thing” from Digital Age (2014) on Burger Records New
01:52PM Ultimate Painting “Winter In Your Heart” from Ultimate Painting (2014) on Trouble in Mind
01:56PM The Forty Nineteens “Father Christmas” from Father Christmas
02:04PM The Faces “Stay With Me” from Stay With Me/You're Too Rude (1971) on Warner Bros.
02:09PM Small Faces “Grow Your Own” from Small Faces (Deluxe Edition) (2012) on Decca
02:12PM The Rolling Stones “Miss You” from Some Girls (1978) on Rolling Stones Records
02:16PM Ian McLagan & The Bump Band “Debris” from Spiritual Boy (2006) on Maniac Records
02:20PM Ian McLagan “Little Troublemaker” from Troublemaker (1978) on Mercury
02:23PM The Faces “You're Too Rude” from Stay With Me/You're Too Rude (1971) on Warner Bros.
02:29PM The Faces “Borstal Boys” from Five Guys Walk into a Bar (2005) on Rhino
02:32PM The Small Faces “Up the Wooden Hills” from There Are But Four Small Faces (1968) on Immediate
02:34PM Ian McLagan & The Bump Band “The Wrong Direction” from Rise & Shine! (2004) on Maniac Records
02:39PM Ian McLagan & The Bump Band “Love Letter” from United States (2014) on Yep Roc
02:42PM The Small Faces “Afterglow (Of Your Love)” from The Immediate Singles Story (1985) on Immediate
02:45PM The Empty Hearts “Fill an Empty Heart” from The Empty Hearts (2014) on Savoy
02:49PM Ian McLagan & The Bump Band “When the Crying Is Over” from Never Say Never (2008) on Proper Records Ltd
02:52PM The Faces “Rear Wheel Skid” from Five Guys Walk into a Bar (2005) on Rhino
02:57PM Ian McLagan & The Bump Band “Hello Old Friend” from Spiritual Boy (2006) on Maniac Records

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