Friday, February 6, 2015

Playlist for 2.6.15: Vacancy at The Hideaway Motor Inn

Stream or download the entire Feb. 6 show right here. Find Zero Hour also on Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr.
12:03PM Ramma Lamma “Zero Hour theme” from Zero Hour theme (2013) on Self Local
12:05PM The Raunch Hands “Detox Moon” from Payday (1989) on Crypt Records
12:10PM Dick Dale “Ghostriders in the Sky” from Unknown Territory (1994) on Hightone
12:14PM The Titty Twisters Orchestra “Hot dog” from Gorf Pow Bang Tump! (2010) on Soundflat Records
12:19PM Bo-Dogs “She's Gonna Blame the Dog” from Bad Bad Dog! (2014) on Low Impact Records
12:22PM Prima Donna “Born Yesterday” from Nine Lives & Forty-Fives (2015) on Alive Naturalsound New
12:25PM Lyres “Stay Away” from Those Lyres (1995) on Norton
12:29PM Gore Gore Girls “Mama in the Movies” from Mama in the Movies/Hit You Hard (1999) on Charles
12:31PM The Villenettes “Devil's Inside” from Lady Luck (2015) on Off The Hip New
12:33PM Eddie Angel “Casbah” from Guitar Party (1997) on Spinout Records
12:35PM Sir Douglas Quintet “It's a Man Down There” from The Best of The Sir Douglas Quintet (1966) on Sundazed
12:39PM Vicky Gomez “Boys Are A Dime Dozen” from Girls on 45 Volume 3 (2014) on Teensville
12:46PM Subsonics “Pretty Pills” from Follow Me Down (1998) on Get Hip
12:48PM The Humpers “Apocalypse Girl” from Positively Sick... (1993) on Sympathy For The Record Industry
12:49PM Supercharger “Hit the road” from Supercharger (1997) on Estrus
12:52PM The Count Bishops “Baby You're Wrong” from Baby You're Wrong/Stay Free (1977) on Chiswick
12:55PM Pronto “Call You Up” from When You're Gone (2014) on Off The Hip
12:57PM Vacant Lot “Sweetest Sound” from Shake Well (1995) on Shake
01:03PM Tenement “Morning Mouth” from Morning Mouth (2008)
01:06PM Whips “big” from Turn It On (2014) on self-released
01:08PM Kill-A-Watts “Shopping Mall Moron” from Electrorock (2001) on Rip Off Records Local
01:10PM The Tantrums “Makin' Bacon” from Kingsbury Forever! (1999) on self-released
01:12PM The Frogs “Bad Mommy” from Hopscotch Lollipop Sunday Surprise (2000) on THE FROGS Local
01:18PM Friends of Cesar Romero “Miss” from Cinco Seis (2014) on self-released
01:20PM The Sex Rays “Midnight Caller” from Midnight Caller - Single (2014) on Piñata Records
01:22PM The Gentlemen's Agreements “Buzzsaw” from Understanding! (2014) on Soundflat New
01:25PM The Outta Sites “Don't You know” from Rock and Roll Dance Party (2014) on The Outta Sites
01:28PM Quitty and the Don'ts “(She's Gonna) Break Your Heart” from Running Out of Time/Break Your Heart (2014) on Hidden Volume
01:30PM The Love Me Nots “The Fixer” from Sucker (2014) on Atomic A Go Go Records LLC
01:33PM The Soulphonics “Bobby jean” from Heart Full of Soulphonics (2014) on The Soulphonics
01:36PM High School Sweethearts “She's Something” from Passing Notes (1999) on Get Hip
01:44PM Outrageous Cherry “The Digital Age” from Digital Age (2014) on Burger Records
01:47PM The Insomniacs “Today's the Way” from Today's The Way/Mr. Yesterday (2014) on Hidden Volume
01:50PM The Tripwires “Early Bright” from Get Young (2014) on Folc Records
01:54PM Brat Farrar “Wouldn't Give You Up” from s/t (2014) on Off The Hip
01:57PM Paperhead “House” from Africa Avenue (2014) on Trouble in Mind
02:06PM Ross Johnson & Jeffrey Evans “Hey Little Child” from Vanity Session (2014) on Spacecase Records
02:13PM Lattie Moore “Drunk Again” from I'm Not Broke, but I'm Badly Bent (2000) on Bear Family
02:15PM Homer Henderson “Grown Up Wrong” from Rolling Stones Singles Series (2014) on Norton
02:17PM John Schooley and Walter Daniels “My Sweet Love Ain't Around” from Dead Mall Blues (2014) on 12XU
02:20PM Danny Kroha “take me back” from Angels Watching Over Me (2015) on Third Man Records New
02:22PM Tyler Keith “No More Trains” from Alias: Kid Twist (2014) on Tyler Keith
02:29PM Bloodshot Bill “Gumboot Cloggeroo” from Shook Shake (2014) on Norton
02:32PM Jack-O and the Tennessee Tearjerkers “Crook for Your Look” from The Disco Outlaw (2009) on Goner
02:35PM John Paul Keith “Afraid to Look” from The Man That Time Forgot (2011) on Big Legal Mess Records
02:38PM The Watzloves “Ain't No Free” from Catch Me a Possum (2006) on Voodoo Rhythm
02:44PM Don Covay “Switchen in the Kitchen” from Pretty Boy Rock & Roll (2004) on Norton
02:48PM Don Covay “See-Saw” from Atlantic Rhythm and Blues 1947-1974 (1985) on Atlantic
02:50PM Don Covay “You've Got Me on the Critical List” from Mercy Mercy on Razor & Tie
02:52PM Brooks Benton with the Dixie Flyers “Shoes” from Have Mercy! The Songs of Don Covay (2012) on Ace
02:56PM Don Covay “I Was Checkin' Out She Was Checkin' In” from Super Dude Pt. 1 (1973) on Mercury

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