Friday, May 29, 2015

Playlist for 5.29.15: Serve the Man

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12:03PM Ramma Lamma “Zero Hour theme” from Zero Hour theme (2013) on Self Local
12:06PM Teen-Age Strangler (1965) trailer “Teen-Age Strangler (1965) trailer” from Teen-Age Strangler (1965) trailer
12:07PM Johnny And The Hurricanes “Beatnik Fly” from The Very Best of Johnny & the Hurricanes (2001) on Varese Sarabande
12:09PM Bo Diddley “Aztec” from The Chess Box (1989) on MCA Chess
12:11PM The Revels “Six Pack” from Six Pack
12:13PM Don Covay “Pony Time” from Let's Soul Dance (2013) on History Of Soul
12:18PM The Revelators “Serve the Man” from We Told You Not To Cross Us... (1997) on Crypt Records
12:20PM Charm Bag “I'm Crazy” from Voodoo Rock 'N' Roll - EP (2014) on Kizmiaz
12:22PM Thee Headcoats “Jaguar and Thunderbird” from Beached Earls (1990) on Crypt Records
12:25PM The MonkeyWrench “The Story As I Was Told” from clean as a broke-d**k dog (1992) on Caroline/SubPop
12:30PM The Villenettes “In My Head” from Lady Luck (2015) on Off The Hip
12:32PM The Ettes “The Pendulum” from Wicked Will (2011) on Krian Music Group / Fond Object
12:35PM Supersnazz “Papa Oom Mow Mow” from Superstupid (1993) on Sub Pop
12:41PM Daddy Long Legs “Witch Hunt” from Rides Tonight (2015) on Norton Records
12:42PM Gino And The Goons “You Won't Get Away with Murder” from Shake It! (2014) on Slovenly
12:45PM Obnox “Situation” from Boogalou Reed (2015) on 12XU
12:48PM The Dad Horse Experience “Dead Dog on the Highway” from Best Of (2015) on Off Label
12:51PM The Shacklefords “Coastin'” from The Lee Hazlewood Industries (2014) on Light In The Attic
12:54PM The Cowsills “Silver Threads and Golden Needles” from 20th Century Masters - The Millennium Collection: The Best of The Cowsills (2001) on Polydor
12:57PM Vince Matthews & Jim Casey “Bessie That’s a Lie” from The Kingston Springs Suite (2015) on Light In The Attic
01:04PM Mortgage Freeman “Palisades” from Streetcrusher (2014) on self-released Local
01:08PM Soup Moat “Band Practice” from Enjoy Your Hobbies (2015) on Triple Eye Industries Local
01:10PM Drunk Drivers “Die” from It's Always Weekend (2015) on Crustacean Local
01:13PM Mortgage Freeman “Sitting There” from Streetcrusher (2014) on self-released Local
01:20PM The Stoneage Hearts “Motor Away” from Hung Up (On You) (2015) on Off The Hip
01:22PM The Blank Stares “The Song That Brought the World to Ruin” from All Blown Up (2006) on Full-Tilt Records
01:26PM The Mayflies USA “Just for Fun” from Summertown (1999) on Yep Roc Records
01:29PM The Grip Weeds “Lead Me To It” from How I Won The War (2015) on Jem
01:31PM Outrageous Cherry “Fate's Strange Parade” from The Book of Spectral Projections (2001) on Poptones
01:34PM The Turtles “Sound Asleep” from Solid Zinc: The Turtles Anthology (1968) on Rhino
01:36PM Theatre Royal “You Sleep” from You Sleep EP (2015) on Vacilando 68 Recordings
01:40PM The Electric Mess “Every Girl Deserves a Song” from House on Fire (2014) on Soundflat
01:47PM The Catholic Girls “Young Boys (Live)” from Kiss Me One More Time (2015) on self-released
01:55PM The Untamed Youth “Hey Elly May” from Untamed Melodies (1996) on Norton Records
01:57PM Paul Collins “Little Suzy” from Feel the Noise (2014) on Alive Naturalsound
02:03PM Terry Anderson “37 Miles in Reverse” from I'll Drink to That (2000) on Not Lame
02:06PM The Doughboys “Be My Baby” from Hot Beat Stew (2015) on Ram Records
02:08PM Marcus Hook Roll Band “Quick Reaction” from Tales of Old Grand Daddy (2014) on Rhino
02:12PM J.B.Hutto “20% Alcohol” from Hawk Squat 【Deluxe Edition】 (2015) on Delmark
02:15PM Andre Williams “It's Gonna Work Out Fine (With Ronnie Spector)” from Bait & Switch (2001) on Norton Records
02:20PM Jake Starr and the Delicious Fullness “11cc” from Tastes Good (2014) on KOTJ
02:22PM The Loons “Head in the Clouds” from Inside Out Your Mind (2015) on Bomp! Records
02:26PM The Bloodhounds “La Couahuila” from Rock & Roll is a Beautiful Thing: Alive Naturalsound 20th Anniversary (2015) on Alive Naturalsound
02:29PM Watts “Sidewinder” from Flash of White Light (2014) on Rum Bar Records
02:33PM The Go Wows “We Got Something” from Gimme Some Fun (2015) on Pop Detective Records
02:37PM The Bad Detectives “Bloody Mary” from The Curious World of the Bad Detectives (2015) on Western Star
02:41PM Low Cut Connie “Shake It Little Tina” from Hi Honey (2015) on Ardent Music / Contender Records
02:45PM MotoBunny “Spider & Fly” from Motobunny (2015) on Rusty Knuckles
02:47PM The Love Me Nots “Wrong” from Sucker (2014) on Atomic A Go Go Records LLC
02:50PM Stupidity “Run” from Fore (2014) on GoFast Records
02:52PM Pow Wows “Car Cemetary” from Broken Curses (2015) on Get Hip
02:55PM The Monsieurs “Gloria” from The Monsieurs (2014) on Slovenly Recordings / Black Gladiator
02:58PM Cozy “Huggin' Machine” from Button By Button (2014) on Hozac

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