Friday, July 10, 2015

Playlist for 7.10.15: Organ Donor

Stream or download the entire July 10 show right here. Find Zero Hour also on Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr.

12:03PM Ramma Lamma “Zero Hour theme” from Zero Hour theme (2013) on Self Local
12:06PM The Ramones “Babysitter” from Leave Home (1977) on Sire
12:09PM Band Jocks “At Practice” from Buttons: From Champaign To Chicago (2012) on The Numero Group
12:11PM Le Zets “Little Blue Dress” from Deadweight (2015) on Atomic A Go Go
12:15PM The Ar-Kaics “I'm Free” from I'm Free (2015) on Norton
12:21PM The GTVs “Organ Donor” from Organ Donor (2015) on Hidden Volume
12:24PM The Stoneage Hearts “Sky High Heels” from Hung Up (On You) (2015) on Off The Hip
12:28PM The Connection “Let the Jukebox Take Me” from Labor of Love (2015) on Rum Bar Records
12:31PM Hacienda Brothers “Leavin' on My Mind” from Hacienda Brothers (2005) on Koch
12:33PM Jeremy and the Harlequins “Cam girl” from American Dreamer (2015) on Harlequins
12:36PM The Woggles “Karate Monkey” from Karate Monkey - Single (2015) on Wicked Cool Records
12:43PM Rudy Green “My Mumblin' Baby” from Southern Rhythm 'n' Rock: The Best Of Excello Records, Vol. 2 (1990) on Rhino
12:46PM Elvis Presley “Dirty, Dirty Feeling” from Elvis is Back (1960) on RCA Victor
12:47PM Scatman Crothers “Rock Roma Rock It” from Shiverin' and Shakin': Challenge Records (2008) on RPM
12:48PM The Standells “Gloria” from Live 1966 (2015) on Sundazed Music, Inc
12:54PM The Juke Joint Pimps “High This Morning” from Boogie Pimps (2015) on Voodoo Rhythm
12:57PM Atomic Suplex “Set it on Fire” from Fourteen Inches of Fist (2015) on Dirty Water Records
01:04PM The Grovelers “Hellfire” from Derelicts And Screw-Ups (2015) on s/r Local
01:07PM Indonesian Junk “Last Night Alive” from Crimes - Single (2015) on Lost Cat Local
01:10PM Indonesian Junk “Now That it's Over” from Crimes - Single (2015) on Lost Cat Local
01:12PM The Ones “Short Dress” from Short-Dress/Tight-Rope (2014) on Rerun Local
01:19PM The Madcaps “Emily Vandelay” from The Madcaps (2015) on Howlin Banana Records
01:20PM Destination Lonely “No One Can Save Me” from No One Can Save Me (2015) on Voodoo Rhythm New
01:27PM Skeptics “TV Wizard” from Open Sea (2015) on Frantic City
01:30PM Kuken “Stranded” from S/T (2015) on Bachelor
01:33PM Nightmare Boyzzz “Problem Child” from Bad Patterns (2013) on Slovenly
01:34PM The Routes “Skeletons” from Skeletons (2015) on Groovie
01:38PM Thing “Itchy Boy” from Thing (2015) on Self-releases
01:43PM Daddy Long Legs “Flesh Eating Cocaine Blues” from Rides Tonight (2015) on Norton Records
01:46PM Glambilly “Bite the Bed” from White BBQ Sauce (2011) on Saustex Media
01:50PM Cabezafuego “De Nina a Mujer” from Walk With Me (2014) on Folc Records
01:52PM The Dyes “What'd I Do?” from The Dyes (2010) on The Dyes
01:57PM Gene Pitney “Backstage (I'm Lonely)” from 25 All-Time Greatest Hits (1966) on Varese Vintage
01:59PM Miriam “Take Me For a Little While” from The Hand Don't Fit the Glove (2015) on Norton
02:06PM The Figgs “Are You Still Mine?” from Slow Charm (2002) on Hearbox
02:09PM JD McPherson “Rome Wasn't Built in a Day” from The Warm Covers EP (2014) on Rounder
02:12PM Dwight Yoakam “She” from Second Hand Heart (2015) on Warner Bros.
02:15PM Eric Hisaw “Don't Live There Anymore” from ghost stories (2011) on Eric Hisaw
02:19PM The Buckaroos “Too Many Chiefs (Not Enough Indians)” from The Best of the Buckaroos (2007) on Sundazed
02:25PM The Insomniacs “Sunshine Girl” from Wake Up! (1994) on Estrus
02:28PM The Love Me Nots “I'm Gonna Be Your Girl” from The Demon & the Devotee (2011) on Atomic A Go Go Records
02:30PM Biscuit “The sound” from 20 Years, A Million Beers & A Lotta Nerve (2015) on Off The Hip
02:34PM The Gruesomes “You Were Not Using Your Head” from Cave-In! (2007) on Ricochet Sound
02:36PM The Above “Do You Have a Healthy Mind?” from Waterbury Street (2014) on Teen Sound
02:38PM The Youth “I'll Call Your Bluff” from I'll Call Your Bluff/You've Done Me Wrong (2014) on State
02:41PM The Knoble Krell “Never Ever” from Never Ever/Beware The Noble Krell (2015) on Hidden Volume
02:47PM Waxing Poetics “The Attic or the Underground” from Bed Time Story (1990) on Emergo
02:51PM The Flat Duo Jets “That's the Way I Love” from Introducing (1994) on Norton
02:54PM Holly Golightly “Frozen in Time” from Slowtown Now! (2015) on Damaged Goods
02:58PM The Go Wows “Livin' Dead” from Gimme Some Fun (2015) on Pop Detective Records

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