Sunday, July 5, 2015

Playlist for 7.3.15: Wouldn't It Be Nice

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12:01PM Ramma Lamma “Zero Hour theme” from Zero Hour theme (2013) on Self Local
12:04PM Alex Chilton “Wouldn't It Be Nice” from Ocean Club '77 (2015) on Norton
12:05PM The Last “Every Summer Day” from L.A. Explosion! (2003) on Bomp!
12:09PM Paul Collins “I Need My Rock N' Roll” from Feel the Noise (2014) on Alive Naturalsound
12:13PM The Greenhornes “Can't Stand It” from The Greenhornes (2001) on Telstar
12:19PM Bo Diddley “Doing The Crawdaddy” from Bo Diddley Is A Gunslinger (2004) on Chess
12:21PM Bob Seger “Bo Diddley” from Smokin' O.P.'s (1972) on CAPITOL
12:27PM Stupidity “New york” from Fore (2014) on GoFast Records
12:34PM The Hotbeats “Listen” from Back From the Grave, Vol. 9 (2014) on Crypt
12:35PM The Routes “Don't Wanna Know Your Name” from Skeletons (2015) on Groovie
12:42PM The Hares “Wreck Dat Party Dress” from Smoking in Bed (2014) on Saustex Media
12:46PM The Fleshtones “Gotta Get Away” from 7" (2015) on Norton
12:48PM The Detroit Cobras “Oh My Lover” from Life, Love and Leaving (2001) on Sympathy For The Record Industry
12:49PM MotoBunny “The Other Side” from Motobunny (2015) on Rusty Knuckles
12:52PM The Pretty Things “Honey, I Need” from The Pretty Things (1965) on Snapper
12:54PM Jerry Lee Lewis “Mean Woman Blues” from Live at the Star-Club (1989) on Bear Family
12:58PM Jill Gibson “It's As Easy As 1, 2, 3” from Girls on 45, Volume 3 (2014) on Teensville
01:04PM Aero Flynn “Plates2” from Live On WMSE (2015) on WMSE Local, New — Local Lunchbox
01:07PM Aero Flynn “DK/Pi” from Live On WMSE (2015) on WMSE Local, New — Local Lunchbox
01:13PM Aero Flynn “Twist” from Live On WMSE (2015) on WMSE Local, New — Local Lunchbox
01:30PM Aero Flynn “Maker” from Aero Flynn (2015) on Ooh La La Records Local, New
01:36PM Miriam “The Hand Don't Fit the Glove” from The Hand Don't Fit the Glove (2015) on Norton
01:38PM Sonny Knight & The Lakers “Where Did You Sleep Last Night (Live)” from Do It Live (2015) on Secret Stash Records
01:43PM Thee Midniters “I Found a Peanut” from In Thee Midnite Hour!!!!!!! on Norton
01:46PM Les Grys Grys “Neighbour, Neighbour” from Hot Gully Wind b/w Neighbour, Neighbour (2014) on State
01:49PM Holly Golightly “Seven Wonders” from Slowtown Now! (2015) on Damaged Goods
01:52PM The Ugly Beats “Action Plus” from Take A Stand (2007) on Get Hip
01:54PM The Bad Detectives “So Long Baby, I'm Toast” from The Curious World of the Bad Detectives (2015) on Western Star
01:59PM The 5 Royales “Say It” from It's Hard But It's Fair (2005) on Ace
02:04PM T. Tex Edwards & Out On Parole “Crazy Date” from Intexicated! (2012) on Saustex Media
02:08PM The Grovelers “Shriner's Revenge” from Derelicts And Screw-Ups (2015) on s/r Local
02:11PM The Sunnyboys “Alone With You” from Do The Pop - The Australian Garage Rock Sound 1976-1987 (2002) on Shock
02:14PM Biscuit “Bearded Chic” from 20 Years, A Million Beers & A Lotta Nerve (2015) on Off The Hip
02:17PM Datura4 “You Ain't No Friend of Mine” from Demon Blues (2015) on Alive Naturalsound
02:22PM Count Five “Declaration of Independence” from Psychotic Revelation: The Ultimate Count Five (2003) on Big Beat
02:29PM The Cautions “Surfer's Beach” from The Ikon Records Story (2005) on Frantic
02:30PM The Revillos “Hungry for Love” from Rev Up! (2001) on Captain Oi!
02:32PM Dean Carter “Black Boots” from Call of the Wild (2004) on Big Beat
02:35PM Joey C and the Aspects “Chicken Back” from Whiplash! (2015) on Norton
02:36PM Charlie Pickett “Marlboro Country” from Bar Band Americanus - The Best of Charlie Pickett And... (2008) on Bloodshot Records
02:41PM The 13th Floor Elevators “Rolll Over Blue Suede Blues Jam” from Live Evolution Lost-Houston 1967 (2014) on Charley
02:50PM The Sonics “Look at Little Sister” from This Is the Sonics (2015) on Re:Vox
02:53PM Ramma Lamma “Hello Lady” from Hello Lady/Used To Be A Tiger (2015) on Jukebox Records Local
02:57PM Brenda Lee “What'd I say” from The Rebel Kind: Girls With Guitars 3 (2014) on Ace

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