Playlist for 8.7.15: The Claw

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12:03PM Ramma Lamma “Zero Hour theme” from Zero Hour theme (2013) on Self Local
12:06PM Gibson Bros. “Coming up” from Memphis Sol Today! (1993) on Sympathy For The Record Industry
12:09PM The Anabolics “tonight tonight” from Anabolically Correct (2007) on Self
12:12PM The Liverbirds “Talking about You” from Destroy That Boy! (2009) on Ace
12:14PM Sir Douglas Quintet “It's a Man Down There” from The Best of The Sir Douglas Quintet (1966) on Sundazed
12:21PM The DT's “Breakdown” from Hard Fixed (2004) on Estrus
12:24PM Barrence Whitfield & The Savages “The Claw” from Under the Savage Sky (2015) on Bloodshot Records New
12:27PM The Midnighters “Sexy Ways” from The Incredibly Strange Music Box (2015) on Righteous
12:30PM The Fugitive Five “(I Ain't Gonna Give Up) My Way of Life” from Last Of The Garage Punk Unknowns Volumes 1 & 2 (2015) on Crypt
12:32PM The Art Collection “What the World Needs Now/Tired of Waiting for You” from Ka-Pow! An Explosive Collection (2015) on Big Beat
12:35PM The Electric Mess “She Got Fangs” from House on Fire (2014) on Soundflat
12:40PM The Coffin Daggers “The Forgotten Prisoner” from Garage Mayhem: Live at Asbury Lanes (2007) on Headshop
12:46PM The Grannies “Fight for Your Right” from Ballsier (2015) on Saustex Media
12:50PM The Weekenders “Lost Weekend” from Let's Have Some God Damn Fun (2005) on Rapid Pulse
12:52PM The Tell-Tale Hearts “From Above” from High Tide (Big Noses & Pizza Faces) (1994) on Voxx
12:55PM The Routes “El Asesino” from Skeletons (2015) on Groovie
12:58PM Midnight Woolf “Fuss & Fight” from I'll Be a Dog (2012) on Off The Hip
01:07PM Tenement “Crop Circle Nation” from Predatory Headlights (2015) on Don Giovanni Records Local
01:09PM The Midwest Beat “Panther in the Sky” from Free of Being (2014) on Waterslide Local
01:12PM Xposed 4heads “People Are Stupid” from Dumb Music for Smart People (2014) on Internal Combustion Local
01:15PM Tenement “Whispering Kids” from Predatory Headlights (2015) on Don Giovanni Records Local
01:20PM Becky Lee & Drunkfoot “Hip Kids” from Hello Black Halo (2012) on Voodoo Rhythm
01:25PM The Moaners “Terrier” from Dark Snack (2005) on Yep Roc Records
01:27PM Biscuit “Dance & Sing” from 20 Years, A Million Beers & A Lotta Nerve (2015) on Off The Hip
01:30PM Jeremy Porter & The Tucos “Josh” from Above the Sweet Tea Line (2015) on New Fortune Records
01:34PM Tyler Keith “I Guess We Don't Really Have That Much to Lose” from Alias: Kid Twist (2014) on Tyler Keith
01:39PM Holly Golightly “Fool, Fool, Fool” from Slowtown Now! (2015) on Damaged Goods
01:45PM The Dirtbombs “Little Miss Chocolate Syrup” from If You Don't Already Have a Look (2005) on In the Red
01:47PM Stupidity “King Midas” from Fore (2014) on GoFast Records
01:51PM Jerry Ashley & the Dynamics Unlimited “Come on” from Ho-Dad Hootenanny Too! (2015) on Crypt
01:54PM Prince Albert “The Winds Blows Your Hair” from Aliens, Psychos & Wild Things, Volume Fore (2007) on Arcania
01:56PM The GTVs “Organ donor” from Organ Donor (2015) on Hidden Volume
01:58PM The Zakary Thaks “Bad Girl” from It's The End: The Definitive Collection (2015) on Big Beat
02:02PM Hipbone Slim and The Knee-Tremblers “Catch Some Rays” from Snake Pit (2013) on Voodoo Rhythm
02:04PM Southern Culture On The Skids “Jack the Ripper, Pt. 1 & 2” from Ditch Diggin' (1994) on Safe House
02:09PM MotoBunny “Thinkin' About Me” from Motobunny (2015) on Rusty Knuckles
02:13PM Roky Erickson & The Aliens “Can't Be Brought Down” from Don't Knock the Rok! (2003) on Norton
02:18PM Flamin' Groovies “Jumpin' in the Night” from This Band is Red Hot: 1969-1979 (2008) on Raven
02:24PM The Martinets “Your Wasted Man” from Rock and Roll Will Probably Never Die (2014) on MuSick Recordings
02:27PM The Parting Gifts “Keep Walking” from Strychnine Dandelions (2010) on In the Red
02:31PM The Triumphs “Better Come and Get Her” from Don't Be Bad: 60s Punk Recorded in Texas (2015) on Big Beat
02:34PM T.J. and the Jaywalkers “The Promised Land” from I Blowed My Mind: White Trash Rockers, Vol. 3 (2014) on Panic
02:37PM Alex Chilton “The Letter” from Ocean Club '77 (2015) on Norton
02:40PM Arthur Alexander “Pretty Girls Everywhere” from The Ultimate Arthur Alexander (1993) on Razor & Tie
02:42PM The Bloodhounds “Crackin' Up” from Let Loose! (2014) on Alive Naturalsound
02:45PM New Mystery Girl “Pirate Radio” from Twist City (2010) on Chrissy Flatt
02:48PM Million Sellers “Love's Last Laugh” from Golden Records (1995) on SPAT! Records
02:50PM The Stoneage Hearts “Motor Away” from Hung Up (On You) (2015) on Off The Hip
02:55PM King Automatic “Plan B (Adopt a Lap Dancer)” from Lorraine Exotica (2015) on Voodoo Rhythm
02:58PM Pierced Arrows “Frankenstein” from Straight To the Heart (2008) on Tombstone Records
03:00PM Kookie Cook “Workin' Man” from The Midnite Sound of the Milky Way (2011) on Ace Records


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