Playlist for 9.4.15: Slippery

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12:05PM Ramma Lamma “Zero Hour theme” from Zero Hour theme (2013) on Self Local
12:07PM Lafayette Thomas “The Thing” from My Guitar Wants to Kill Your Mama (1993) on Lenox
12:09PM T. Tex Edwards & Purple Stickpin “Baby's Got a Gun” from Intexicated! on Saustex Media
12:12PM Little Richard “I'll Never Let You Go (Boo Hoo Hoo Hoo)” from The Specialty Sessions on Speciality
12:18PM Gibson Bros. “Emulsified” from A History of Memphis Garage Rock: The 90s on Shangri-La
12:19PM Southern Culture On The Skids “Viva Del Santo!” from Santo Swings (1996) on Estrus Records
12:23PM Allen Bunn “My Kinda Woman” from Tarheel Slim and Little Ann: Golden Classics on Collectables
12:26PM Les Braqueurs “Hipshake Shimmy Kitten” from Smart Mob single (2015) on Soundflat
12:29PM Tarheel Slim and Little Ann “Too Much Competition” from Tarheel Slim and Little Ann: Golden Classics on Collectables
12:32PM Roy And The Devil's Motorcycle “Don't Leave Me” from Because of Women (2006) on Voodoo Rhythm
12:35PM Marv Blihovde “Dearest Darling” from Mello Jello ... for Mello Muffins on Stkinupski
12:38PM Hasil Adkins “She Goes Like This” from Look At that Caveman Go! (1993) on Norton Records
12:43PM Hasil Adkins “Mean Woman blues” from Look At that Caveman Go! (1993) on Norton Records
12:48PM The Figgs “Stood Up” from Low-Fi at Society High (1994) on Imago
12:50PM All “#10 (Wet)” from Allroy Sez… on Cruz Records
12:52PM The Figgs “Asphalt” from Low-Fi at Society High (1994) on Imago
12:54PM Descendents “Wendy” from Liveage! (1987) on SST Records
12:57PM The Real Kids “My Baby's Book” from The Real Kids (1977) on Norton Records
01:04PM Tenement “Harvest Time (Has Come)” from Predatory Headlights (2015) on Don Giovanni Records Local
01:07PM Phylums “Crummy Side of Town” from Phylum Phyloid (2015) on Dirtnap Records Local
01:10PM Tigernite “Million Years” from Tigernite (2015) on self-released Local
01:12PM The Hussy “My Bad” from Galore (2015) on Southpaw Local
01:22PM Mr. Airplane Man “Slippery” from Stupid Punk Boy (2015) on Girlsville
01:26PM John Schooley “Pray for the Lights to Go Out” from The Man Who Rode the Mule Around the World (2014) on Voodoo Rhythm
01:29PM James Leg “Up Above My Head” from Below the Belt (2015) on Alive Naturalsound
01:32PM LeRoi Brothers “Are You With Me Baby (Say Yeah)” from Check This Action (1984) on Jungle Records
01:35PM JD McPherson “Scandalous” from Signs & Signifiers (2011) on New Rounder
01:39PM Eleventh Dream Day “Cheap Gasoline” from Works For Tomorrow (2015) on Thrill Jockey Records
01:43PM Yo La Tengo “Friday I'm In Love” from Stuff Like That There (2015) on Matador
01:46PM Smudge “Leroy De Foix” from Tea, Toast & Turmoil (1993) on Half A Cow Records
01:48PM Larry O. Dean “Mad in the USA” from Good Grief (2015) on self-released
01:52PM Scud Mountain Boys “Cigarette Sandwich” from Massachusetts (1996) on Sub Pop
01:55PM Tommy Keene “Laugh in the Dark” from Laugh in the Dark (2015) on Second motion
02:03PM Tommy and the Youth “Please Don't Tease Me” from Mean, Moody & Magnificent (2015) on Moody Monkey
02:06PM The Routes “Unkind” from Skeletons (2015) on Groovie
02:08PM Thee Four Teens “14 Till We Die” from 14 Till We Die EP (2015) on KOTJ
02:10PM Alex Maiorano & The Black Tales “Get, Get It” from Everything Boom! (2015) on Off Label
02:13PM The Allen Oldies Band “Double Shot (Of My Baby's Love)” from Live And Delerious On Jersey City's WFMU FM (2005) on Pravda Records
02:18PM The Pharaohs “Looking for Girls” from Ho-Dad Hootenanny Too! (2015) on Crypt
02:20PM Eldridge Holmes “Humpback” from Souvenirs of the Soul Clap, Vol. 3 (2015) on Norton
02:21PM Dave Edmunds “Here Comes the Weekend” from GET IT (1977) on Swan Song
02:26PM Holly Golightly “Seven Wonders” from Slowtown Now! (2015) on Damaged Goods
02:29PM Low Cut Connie “Taste So Good” from Hi Honey (2015) on Ardent Music / Contender Records
02:33PM Whiskey Kiss “La trompeta” from Dangerous One (2014) on Whiskey Kiss
02:36PM Mojo Juju & The Snake Oil Merchants “Tonight” from Anthology (2015) on Off Label Records
02:44PM The DT's “Chopper” from Hard Fixed (2004) on Estrus
02:49PM Dirty Fences “Judy (Don't Go)” from Full Tramp (2015) on Slovenly Recordings
02:52PM Les Fleurs Du Mal “Sweet, Sweet Satan” from WE'RE LOUD: 90s Cassette Punk Unknowns (2015) on Slovenly Recordings
02:54PM Warm Soda “Find That Girl” from Symbolic Dream (2015) on Castle Face
02:56PM Barreracudas “Diet Coke” from Can Do Easy (2015) on Oops Baby


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