Saturday, May 28, 2016

Playlist for 5.27.16: Meet Me at the Graveyard

Stream or download the entire May 27 show right here. Find Zero Hour also on Facebook,Twitter and Tumblr.

Ramma Lamma “Zero Hour theme” from Zero Hour theme (2013) on Self
Flamin' Groovies “Jumpin' In the Night” from Jumpin' In the Night (1979) on Sire
DM Bob & The Deficits “Jeepster” from Bad With Wimen (1996) on Crypt Records
Andre Williams “Meet Me at the Graveyard” from I Wanna Go Back to Detroit City (2016) on Bloodshot Records
Roy Hall “Flood of Love” from Roy Rocks (2005) on Bear Family
Hipbone Slim and The Knee-Tremblers “There's Only One Louie” from Ugly Mobile (2016) on Dirty Water
The Sonics “The Witch (switchblade version)” from The Sonics 50 (2015) on Ettiquette/Light in the Attic
Marianne Faithfull “That's Right Baby” from Love Hit Me! Decca Beat Girls 1963-1970 (2016) on Ace
Curlee Wurlee “You Were on My Mind” from Birds & Bees (2016) on Moody Monkey Records
New Mystery Girl “Minute Man” from Crawl Through Your Hair (2016) on Gutsy Dame
Thee Fine Lines “Treat Me Kind” from Splittin Time (2015) on Wee Rock Records
Bad Beats “Hipsville 29 B.C.” from His Vengeful Hand (2016) on Soundflat Records
Shadden and the King Lears “All I Want is You” from A History of Garage & Frat Bands in Memphis 1960-1975 on Shangri-La
Nathaniel Mayer “I Don't Want No Bald Headed Woman Telling Me What to Do” from Love Bandit (2002) on Norton Records
Carl Perkins “Superfool” from On Top on Columbia
Koko Taylor “Nitty Gritty” from Koko Taylor (1987) on Chess
Los Chicos “More Beer” from Rockpile of Shit (2016) on Folc Records / Dirty Water Records
Bo Diddley “Run Diddley Daddy” from Have Guitar, Will Travel on Wax Time
Indonesian Junk “Little Malibu” from Indonesian Junk (2015) on Rum Bar
Gogoslow “Flamethrower Love” from timbo tempo/flamethrower love (2015) on self-released
Ramma Lamma “Gang” from Gang 7" (2012) on Dusty Medical
Tigernite “Dreamsnake” from 2016 Tasty Fest (2016) on Tasty Tapes
Mr. Airplane Man “Black Cat Bone” from The Lost Tapes (2015) on Dirty Water Records
Elmo Williams & Hezekiah Early “Blue Jumped the Rabbit” from Takes One to Know One (1997) on Fat Possum Records
Daddy Long Legs “Evil Eye (Acoustic Version)” from The Stranger Rides Tonight - Single (2016) on Folc Records
R.L. Burnside “Old Black Mattie” from Too Bad Jim (1994) on Fat Possum Records
Raylene & The Blue Angels “Shakin' all over” from Girls With Guitars (2014) on Ace
Dexter Romweber & The New Romans “13 Women” from Night Tide on Dave's Magic Fun Bus Records
Buddy Holly “Don't Come Back Knockin'” from The Great Buddy Holly (1976) on MCA
Lloyd Green “Bar Hoppin'” from Cool Steel Man on Chart
The Midnight Kings “You Mesmerize Me” from Band of Thousand Dances (2016) on Wild Honey
Pat Todd & The Rankoutsiders “Stand Up and Sass Back” from Blood & Treasure (2016) on Hound Gawd!
Molly Gene “Standing in My Doorway Crying” from Trailer Tracks (2016) on self-released
Salty Pajamas “Rats in My Amp” from Off Label Werkschau 2009-2014 (2016) on Off Label Records
CTMF “Turn and Run” from Sq 1 (2016) on Damaged Goods
The Monkees “Mary, Mary” from More of the Monkees (1967) on Colgems
The Forty Nineteens “I'm Free” from Rebooted (2016) on Rock Ranch Records
John Doe “Get On Board” from The Westerner (2016) on Cool Rock Records
Norma Jean “Don't Let the Doorknob Hit You” from The Best of Norma Jean (1999) on Collector's Choice Music
Jimmie Haskell “Hydrazine” from The International Vicious Society III on University of Vice
Moon Mullican “Honolulu Rock-a-Roll-A” from After Hours: The King Record Story (2014) on One Day Music
Jerry Cole “Curfew” from Go Go Guitar on Crownstar Records
The Zakary Thaks “Please” from It's The End: The Definitive Collection (2015) on Big Beat
The Third Bardo “Five Years Ahead Of My Time” from Pebbles Vol 3: The Acid Gallery (1979) on BFD
The Above “I Wanna Take Her Home” from There is a Reason (2016) on Hidden Volume

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