Friday, June 10, 2016

Playlist for 6.10.16: Rip It Up

Stream or download the entire June 10 show right here. Find Zero Hour also on Facebook,Twitter and Tumblr.

Ramma Lamma “Zero Hour theme” from Zero Hour theme (2013) on Self
Roger Miller “South” from The Best of Roger Miller on Mercury
Chuck Berry “Nadine” from Nadine on Chess
Hoyt Axton “Double Dare” from Explodes (1964) on Vee-Jay
Slade “Let the Good Times Roll” from Slayed? (1972) on Polydor
The Pristeens “Almost 24” from Demos & Rarities (2016) on Girlsville
TRIO “Sunday You Need Love” from Sunday You Need Love (1981) on Mercury
The Surfaris “Point Panic” from The Surfaris Play on Decca
Buck Owens & His Buckaroos “Johnny B. Goode” from Johnny B. Goode on CAPITOL
Andre Williams “I Wanna Go Back to Detroit City” from I Wanna Go Back to Detroit City (2016) on Bloodshot Records
The Unifics “The Court of Love” from The Court of Love on Kapp
Santo & Johnny “White Bench in the Rain” from The Best That Could Happen
Kid Congo & the Pink Monkey Birds “Ricky Ticky Tocky” from La Araña Es La Vida (2016) on In the Red
Earl Palmer “Rip it Up” from Drumsville on Liberty
Reserve Cowgirls “worm” from Off Label Werkschau 2009-2014 (2016) on Off Label
Brownsville Station “Red Back Spider” from Red Back Spider (1972) on Big Tree
The Dynamite Pussy Club “Down Low” from Sinner Train - EP (2016) on The Western Star Recording Company
Dr. Chow's Love Medicine “Something 'Bout Love” from Distant Planet (2015) on s/r
The Grovelers “Chicken n Bricks” from Romeo vs. Juliet (2016) on self-released
Xposed 4heads “Sing Along Again (The All Holiday Song)” from Choose to Be Human (2015) on Internal Combustion
The Pukes “Execution” from Murder b/w Execution single (2016) on Tirefire Records
Lucy & the Rats “Girl” from Girl (2016) on Dirty Water
Le Zets “Red Death Mobile” from Deadweight (2015) on Atomic A Go Go
Los Chicos “Night Ride” from Rockpile of Shit (2016) on Folc Records / Dirty Water Records
Holly Golightly & The Brokeoffs “Coulda Shoulda Woulda” from Coulda Shoulda Woulda (2015) on Transdreamer
Curlee Wurlee “Touch My Alien” from Birds & Bees (2016) on Moody Monkey Records
Party Lights “He's Gonna Hurt Ya” from He's Gonna Hurt Ya (2016) on Hidden Volume
Bad Beats “She Don't Talk to Me” from His Vengeful Hand (2016) on Soundflat Records
Louie, Louie “Out in the Streets” from Out in the Streets (2016) on Hidden Volume
Alive And Kicking “Tighter & Tighter” from Tighter & Tighter on Roulette
The Orchids “Love Hit Me” from Love Hit Me: Decca Beat Girls 1963-1970 (2016) on Ace
Ernie Freeman “Puddin'” from Puddin' on imperial
Hipbone Slim and The Knee-Tremblers “Sally Mae” from Ugly Mobile (2016) on Dirty Water
Rosebuds “Darling I Love You So” from Come Dance With Me (1988) on Murray Hill
Johnny & The Huricanes “Beatnik Fly” from Beatnik Fly on Warwick
The Forty Nineteens “Get Myself a Selfie” from Rebooted (2016) on Rock Ranch Records
The Above “Say You're Cool” from There is a Reason (2016) on Hidden Volume
THE BEACH BOYS “Got to Know the Woman” from Sunflower (1970) on Brother/Reprise
Sarah Borges “Purple GTO” from Good and Dirty - EP (2016) on MRI
Barbara Lynn “This Is the Thanks I Get” from This Is the Thanks I Get on Atlantic
New Mystery Girl “Here He Comes” from Crawl Through Your Hair (2016) on Gutsy Dame
The On and Ons “You and I” from You and I (2016) on Get Hip
Certain Stars “Dirty Girl” from The Great Destroyer (2012) on Cuba Libre
The Cherry Drops “Just a Chance” from Life Is a Bowl of Cherry Drops (2016) on MuSick Recordings
Alex Chilton “Free Again” from Free Again: the 1970 Sessions (2012) on Ominvore
James Luther Dickinson “Wine” from Dixie Fried (2005) on Atlantic
Pat Todd & The Rankoutsiders “I Hear You Knockin'” from Blood & Treasure (2016) on Hound Gawd!
Rose Maddox “Long Journey Home” from Alone With You on CAPITOL
Beach Patrol “Flower in the Dark” from Eudaimonia (2016) on Barely Standing
CTMF “The Good Mind” from Sq 1 (2016) on Damaged Goods
Howlin Wolf “Somebody in My Home” from Moanin' in the Moonlight on doxy
Tommy Ridgley “I Want Some Money Baby” from The New Orleans King of the Stroll (1988) on Rounder

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