Friday, August 5, 2016

Playlist for 8.5.16: Tracking the Dog

Stream or download the entire Aug. 5 show right here. Find Zero Hour also on Facebook,Twitter and Tumblr.
Ramma Lamma “Zero Hour theme” from Zero Hour theme (2013) on Self
The Wailers “Wailers House Party” from At The Castle (1998) on Norton
The Young Chicagoans “Summertime Blues” from Summertime Blues on Destination Records
The Pandoras “I Didn't Cry” from Stop Pretending on Rhino
Descendents “Victim of Me” from Hypercaffium Spazzinate (2016) on Epitaph
The Clorox Girls “Baby” from Demos, Rarities and Early 7"'s (2010) on Burger
L7 “'till the Wheels Fall Off” from Smell the Magic (1991) on Sub Pop
The Alarm Clocks “Ramona” from Ramona on Norton Records
The Beach Boys “Student Demonstration Time” from Surf's Up (1971) on Brother/Reprise
The Troggs “Gonna Make You” from Gonna Make You on Atco
Million Sellers “My Last Paycheck” from Sufficiently Rude (2016) on Wanda
Staple Singers “Don't Knock” from Don't Knock on Vee-Jay
The Mokkers “Wild Man” from Off Label Werkschau 2009-2014 (2016) on Off Label Records
X “I'm Coming Over” from Beyond & Back : The X Anthology (1997) on Elektra
Jack Oblivian & the Sheiks “Runnin' from the Law” from The Lone Ranger of Love (2016) on mony
Roy Head “Dismal Prisoner 0613” from Dismal Prisoner (1972) on TMI
Art Jerry Miller “Finger Lickin' Good” from Finger Lickin' Good (1969) on Enterprise
Carl Mann “Don't let the Stars Get In Your Eyes” from The Legendary Sun Performers on Charly
Thriftones “She's Too Hip” from Thriftones (2013) on Fox Cry
Dr. Chow's Love Medicine “Something 'Bout Love” from Distant Planet (2015) on s/r
The Incorruptibles “Crazy Kind (feat. Leroy Deuster on Pedal Steel Guitar)” from Leave It At The Door (2016) on The Incorruptibles
Trolley “I'll Stand in Line” from Caught In The Darkness (2016) on Easter
Meet Your Death “Tracking the Dog” from Meet Your Death (2016) on 12XU
Ross Johnson & Jeffrey Evans “Dateless Night” from Vanity Session (2014) on Spacecase Records
Grady Martin and his Guitar “The Fuzz” from The Fuzz (1961) on Decca
Golden Boys “Mr. Dickles” from Electric Wolfman (2009) on Alien Snatch Records
The Devils “Hell's Gate” from Sin, You Sinners (2016) on Voodoo Rhythm
Bloodshot Bill “Hypnotize” from Guitar Boy (2016) on Norton
The Handsome Family “Tiny Tina” from Unseen (2016) on Milk & Scissors
Johnny David “Race with the Devil” from Hillbillies In Hell Vol 2 (2016) on Omni Recording Corp.
The Kinks “Everybody's Gonna Be Happy” from Everybody's Gonna Be Happy on Pye
The Muffs “Cheezy” from Whoop Dee Doo (2014) on Burger Records
The Anabolics “Mark of a Madman” from Anabolically Correct (2007) on Self
Party Lights “Chances” from He's Gonna Hurt Ya (2016) on Hidden Volume
The Roller Coasters “Wild Twist” from Wild Twist (1963) on Holiday Inn Records
Tommy James & The Shondells “Love's Closin' In On Me” from Gettin' Together on Roulette
Perfect “7 Days a Week” from Once, Twice, Three Times a Maybe (2004) on Ryko/Rhino
Alex Chilton “Dominating Force” from Ocean Club '77 (2015) on Norton
Inez and Charlie Foxx “Guilty” from Guilty on Dynamo
Question Mark & The Mysterians “It's Not Easy” from It's Not easy on Norton
Alex Maiorano & the Black Tales “Decontrol” from Decontrol (2016) on Off Label
Lydia Loveless “Midwestern Guys” from Real (2016) on Bloodshot Records
Talbot Adams “Sins” from Community/Recession Era (2016) on Secret Idenity
Talbot Adams “County” from Community/Recession Era (2016) on Secret Idenity
Go to Blazes “Because I Do” from Got it Made on Estrus
Stuart Turner & The Flat Earth Society “Glad I Knew You Then” from S/T (2016) on Vacilando '68 Recordings
The Singing Loins “Monsters Ashore” from Here on Earth (2012) on Damaged Goods
Louie Louie “Out in the Streets” from Out in the Streets (2016) on Hidden Volume
Missing Monuments “Dance All Nite” from Painted White on Douchemaster
Nobody's Children “I Can't Let Go” from I Can't Let Go on Buddah
Miriam “Our Love Can Still Be Saved” from Down Today (2015) on Norton Records Inc.
The Viceroys “Seagreen” from Seagreen on Bethlehem
Clarence Carter “Mother-In-Law” from Mother-In-Law on Fame

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