Playlist for 9.23.16:Trashcan

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Ramma Lamma “Zero Hour theme” from Zero Hour theme (2013) on Self
The Virtues “Guitar In Orbit” from Guitar In Orbit on Hunt
Johnny Wright “Wine Head” from Just Shuckin' Around on Panic
Compulsive Gamblers “Gamblin' Days Are Over” from Gambling Days Are Over (2009) on Sympathy For The Record Industry
Nite With Daddy G “Daddy G” from Rock's World Revolution: the Roots on Legrand
Stupidity “Rum and Gone” from Fore (2014) on GoFast Records
Million Sellers “My Last Paycheck” from Sufficiently Rude (2016) on Wanda
The Fleshtones “The Sinner” from The Band Drinks for Free (2016) on Yep Roc Records
The Kinks “The World Keeps Going Round” from The Kink Kontroversy (1965) on Reprise
The Electric Mess “Elevator to Later” from Falling Off the Face of the Earth (2012) on The Electric Mess
Paul Revere & The Raiders “Sorceress With Blue Eyes” from Paul Revere & The Raiders Featuring Mark Lindsay The Complete Columbia Singles (2010) on Collector's Choice
The Ventures “Lonesome Town” from The Ventures on Dolton
Whiskey Kiss “Who Let you In” from Dangerous One (2014) on Whiskey Kiss
Powersolo “New-Fashioned Girl” from The Real Sound (2014) on Crunchy Frog
Bloodshot Bill “Pretty Little Gal From Mars” from Guitar Boy (2016) on Norton
Bloodshot Bill “Tell Me You Love Me” from Guitar Boy (2016) on Norton
The Copper Gamins “Ruby Red” from The Copper Gamins - EP (2011) on Saustex Media
Rev. Tom Frost “Trashcan” from Mysteries & Manners (2016) on self-released
Fox Face “Tar” from Teen Wiccan (2016) on Chop Haus
Size 5's “We will never die” from The Red CD (2016) on s/r
The Rotten Tommys “Bridges” from The Rotten Tommys (2016) on The Core Records
The Exotics “Surf Burglar” from Twangy Surf & Spy Themes Best Of The Exotics (2015) on Tiki Tone
Party Lights “Thick Skin” from He's Gonna Hurt Ya (2016) on Hidden Volume
The Love Me Nots “The Girl Lights Up” from The Demon & the Devotee (2011) on Atomic A Go Go Records
Eddy Best “Lonely boy” from Bang Bang! (2016) on Eddy Best
Jeremy & The Harlequins “No One Cares” from Into the Night (2016) on Yep Roc Records
Zorton and the Cannibals “Prom Song” from Strange Delights (2016) on Badgerow
The Teamsters “Sharp Suited SOAG” from V/A: Wild Angels (2016) on Girlsville
The On and Ons “Hard to Say Goodbye” from You and I (2016) on Get Hip
Look Park “Shout, Pt. 1” from Look Park (2016) on Yep Roc Records
Hoodoo Gurus “Good Times” from Blow Your Cool (1987) on Elektra Records
SULFUR CITY “Tie My Hands to the Floor” from Talking Loud (2016) on Alive Naturalsound
Digger & The Pussycats “Liar, Liar” from Let's Go to Hospital (2009) on Spooky Records
The Fadeaways “Ain't Got No Your Love” from Teenage Hitsville!!! (2016) on Soundflat Records
Juliette Seizure & the Tremor-Dolls “Do Your Duty” from Chewing Out Your Rhythm on My Bubble Gum (2016) on Off The Hip
Tyler Keith & the Apostles “Dangling On a Wire” from Do it for Johnny (2016) on self-released
Kim Shattuck “You Make Me” from Lowe Profile: a tribute to Nick Lowe (2005) on Brewery
Link Cromwell “Crazy Like a Fox” from Ork Records: New York, York (2015) on Numero Group
Jack Oblivian & the Sheiks “The Lone Ranger of Love” from The Lone Ranger of Love (2016) on mony
Thee Arthur Layne “Heavy Traffic” from HVY DRT Vol. I (2015) on WholesomeWax
Thee Headcoats “The Messerschmitt Pilot's Severed Hand” from The Messerschmitt Pilot's Severed Hand (1998) on Damaged Goods
Timmy Vulgar “Slavery Erupter” from Center of Saturn (2014) on Flesh Wave
The Buildings “Down” from Death & Fun (2016) on Azbin/Bickerton
Weird Omen “I'm Your Man” from Breakfast Before Chaos (2016) on Get Hip
Rachael Gordon “The Farewell Song” from The Coming of Spring (2014) on Sounds of Subterrania
Walter Salas-Humara “Penelope” from Explodes and Disappears (2016) on Sonic Pyramid
Skeeter Davis “I Didn't Cry Today” from Country Girls on RCA
Dave "Baby" Cortez “Count Down” from Count Down on Roulette
Greg Phoenix Experience “Gettin Out” from Gettin Out (2016)
1313 Mockingbird Lane “Monkey Cage Girl” from Have Hearse Will Travel (2016) on Cacophone Records
Jon & The Vons “Can't Get You Out of My Bed” from Gratest Hits (2016) on Soundflat
Quitty and the Don'ts “(She's Gonna) Break Your Heart” from Running Out of Time/Break Your Heart (2014) on Hidden Volume
Otis Redding “Louie Louie” from Pain In My Heart on Atco


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