Friday, October 7, 2016

Playlist for 10.7.16: Over That Hill

Stream or download the entire Oct. 7 show right here. Find Zero Hour also on Facebook,Twitter and Tumblr.
Ramma Lamma “Zero Hour theme” from Zero Hour theme (2013) on Self
The Spark Plugs “Chicken” from Chicken on Norton
Gary US Bonds “I Dig This Station” from The Very Best of Gary US Bonds (1998) on Varese Sarabande
The Paniks “Work” from I Blowed My Mind: White Trash Rockers, Vol. 3 on Panic
The Allen Oldies Band “Surfin' Bird” from Sultans of Surf (2016) on Positive Vibrations
Ian McLagan “Told a Tale on You” from Bump in the Night (1981) on Mercury
George Jones “Our Private Life” from Our Private Life on Epic
Rev. Tom Frost “Hey, Brother, Pour the Wine” from Mysteries & Manners (2016) on self-released
The Bugs “Twist & Shout” from Twist & Shout on Hit
Dave Edmunds “Sweet Little Lisa” from Repeat When Necessary (1983) on Swan Song
Johnny Thunders and Patti Palladin “I Was Born to Cry” from Copycats on Jungle
MFC Chicken “Blackout Drunk” from Goin' Chicken Crazy (2016) on Dirty Water
The Fleshtones “The Gasser” from The Band Drinks for Free (2016) on Yep Roc Records
Ohio Players “Funky Worm” from Funky Worm (1973) on Westbound
The Senior Service “Bees” from The Girl In the Glass Case (2016) on Damaged Goods
Irma Thomas “I Done Got over It” from The Soul Queen of New Orleans (2016) on Not Now
Trolley “Caught in the Darkness” from Caught In The Darkness (2016) on Easter
Cabin Essence “Summer” from A Place for Playing Games (2016) on Cabin Essence
Trolley “The Kids All Sing” from Caught In The Darkness (2016) on Easter
Cabin Essence “Into the Sky” from A Place for Playing Games (2016) on Cabin Essence
Kerosene Stars “Whether or not” from a million little trees (2016) on self-released
Pat Todd & The Rankoutsiders “This Counterfeit World” from Blood & Treasure (2016) on Hound Gawd!
Jeremy & The Harlequins “Rhythm Don't Lie” from Into the Night (2016) on Yep Roc Records
Dex Romweber “Tomorrow's Taking Baby Away” from Carrboro (2016) on Bloodshot Records
Mr. Airplane Man “Over That Hill” from Wild Angels (2016) on Girlsville
Tyler Keith & the Apostles “Vaya Con Dios” from Do it for Johnny (2016) on self-released
Paint Fumes “Weird Walking” from If It Ain't Paint Fumes, It Ain't Worth a Huff (2016) on Get Hip
Fret Rattles “Make it Through the Night” from Pedal to the Metal and Damn the Consequences (2016) on Fret Rattles
The Othermen “Back From the Gravy” from (2016) on Hidden Volume
Chook Race “Pink & Grey” from Around the House (2016) on Trouble In Mind Records
Ultimate Painting “Song for Brian Jones” from Dusk (2016) on Trouble In Mind Records
Omni “Jungle Jenny” from Deluxe (2016) on Trouble In Mind Records
Birds of Paradise “Beehive State” from Beehive State (2016) on Hidden Volume
The Maggie's Marshmallows “Monkeyman” from The Maggie's Marshmallows (2016) on Get Hip
Viv & the Sect “Time Machine” from This Will Pass (2016) on Get Hip
The Systemaddicts “Wall of Time” from The Systemaddicts (2016) on Off The Hip
John Schooley & His One Man Band “Pretty Baby” from Pretty baby/Rock and Roll Hootchee Koo (1996) on Goner
CTMF “A Song For Kylie Minogue” from Sq 1 (2016) on Damaged Goods
The Pagans “Hopped Up” from Hopped Up (2016) on Get Hip
The Stents “Mesmerized” from Invisible Sounds (2016) on KOTJ/Ghost Highway
1313 Mockingbird Lane “My Hearse (is Double-Parked)” from Have Hearse Will Travel (2016) on Cacophone Records
The Mobbs “Little Miss Hard of Hearing” from Piffle (2016) on Dirty Water
The Darts “Revolution” from The Darts EP (2016) on self-released
Action Stallions “Where's The Revolution?” from Where's The Revolution? (2016) on Internal Combustion
Xposed 4heads “Save All monsters” from Save All Monsters (2016) on Internal Combustion
1910 Fruitgum Company “Special Delivery” from Special Delivery on Buddah
Eddy Best “Then He Kissed Me” from Bang Bang! (2016) on Eddy Best

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