Friday, January 6, 2017

Baby, Yer the Best: 2016 (Pt. 2)

Stream or download the entire Jan. 6 show right here. Find Zero Hour also on Facebook,Twitter and Tumblr.

Ramma Lamma “Zero Hour theme” from Zero Hour theme (2013) on Self
Long John Hunter “Ride with Me Baby” from Ooh Wee Pretty Baby! (1999) on Norton Records
Bob Log III “Do That Thing You Think You Did That Thing To” from Guitar Party Power (2016) on Bloat Records
C.W. Stoneking “The Zombie” from Gon' Boogaloo (2016) on C.W. Stoneking
1313 Mockingbird Lane “My Hearse (is Double-Parked)” from Have Hearse Will Travel (2016) on Cacophone Records
Double Cheese “I Hate the Sixties” from Double Cheese - EP (2006) on Frantic City
Choke Chains “Cracked Dracula” from Choke Chains (2016) on Slovenly Recordings
Kit Convict & Thee Terrible Two “Convict Blues” from Cobra's Blood (2016) on Off The Hip
The Primitive Finks “The Keep” from 7&7 Is No. 2 (2016) on Hidden Volume
The Mokkers “Wild Man” from Off Label Werkschau 2009-2014 (2016) on Off Label Records
Curlee Wurlee “You Were on My Mind” from Birds & Bees (2016) on Moody Monkey Records
Jon and the Vons “Can't Get You out of My Bed” from Gratest Hits, Vol. 1 (2016) on Soundflat Records
The A-Bones “He Sure Could Hypnotize” from Not Now! (2009) on Norton Records
The Dustaphonics “I'm Hurting” from Johnny & Bo (2016) on Dirty Water Records
Randy and the Radiants “My Way of Thinking” from The Other Side of Sun, Vol. 3 (2016) on Sun
Bernie Worrell “Insurance Man for the Funk” from In Yo Face: The History of Funk, Vol. 5 (1993) on Rhino
Lonnie Mack “Chicken Pickin'” from Chicken Pickin' (1964) on Fraternity
Tigernite “Blood Moon” from Blood Moon - EP (2016) on Tasty Tapes
Xposed 4heads “Light it Up” from Light it Up (2016) on self-released
Space Raft “Paper Airplanes” from Paper Airplanes 7" (2016) on Dusty Medical Records
The Rotten Tommys “Bridges” from The Rotten Tommys (2016) on The Core Records
Jimmy Newman “The Devil Was Laughing At Me” from Hillbillies in Hell, Vol. 2 (2016) on Omni Recording Corp
Merle Haggard “Untanglin' My Mind” from 1996 (1996) on Curb
Sonny Knight & The Lakers “Help Me” from Sooner Or Later (2016) on Secret Stash
Sharon Jones & The Dap-Kings “I Just Dropped In To See What Condition My Condition Is In” from Soul Men (2008) on Stax
The Handsome Family “The Silver Light” from Unseen (2016) on Milk & Scissors
Red Simpson “Truck Drivin' Fool” from The Best of Red Simpson: Country Western Truckin Drivin' Singer (1999) on Diesel Only
The Bo-Keys “The Longer You Wait” from Heartaches by the Number (2016) on Omnivore
Waco Brothers “Building Our Own Prison” from Going Down in History (2016) on Bloodshot
Nato Coles and The Blue Diamond Band “Sweet Baby” from Live at Grumpy's Bar (2016) on Rum Bar
The Right Here “One More and We'll Move on with Our Lives” from Stick to the Plan (2016) on Rum Bar
Chook Race “Start Anew” from Around the House (2016) on Trouble In Mind Records
Birds of Paradise “Beehive State” from Beehive State (2016) on Hidden Volume
Marianne Faithfull “That's Right Baby” from Love Hit Me! Decca Beat Girls 1963-1970 (2016) on Ace
Omni “Cold Vermouth” from Deluxe (2016) on Trouble In Mind Records
Talbot Adams “Acceptance” from Community/Recession Era (2016) on Secret Idenity
The Madcaps “Taco Truck” from Hot Sauce (2016) on Howlin Banana Records
1-800-Band “Judy's Glass” from High Beams (2016) on Almost Ready Records
Jack Lee “Bigger Than Life” from Anthology: Bigger Than Life (2016) on Alive Naturalsound
The Pristeens “Wildman” from Christmas EP (2016) on Girlsville
Alejandro Escovedo “Shave the Cat” from Burn Something Beautiful (2016) on Concord Records, Inc. (UMG Account)
Scotty Moore Trio “Have Guitar Will Travel” from Rock Instrumentals, Vol. 1 on Documents
The Minus 5 “Robert Ryan Is Among Us” from Of Monkees and Men (2016) on Yep Roc Records
Look Park “Aeroplane” from Look Park (2016) on Yep Roc Records
The Systemaddicts “Wall of Time” from Broken Hearted on the Nullarbor (2016) on Off The Hip
The Buildings “Feeling Something” from Death & Fun (2016) on Azbin/Bickerton
Fret Rattles “Make it Through the Night” from Pedal to the Metal and Damn the Consequences (2016) on Fret Rattles
Grey City Passengers “Lola” from Grey City Passengers (2016) on Off Label Records

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