Saturday, March 4, 2017

Playlist for 3.3.17: Acid Wray Men

Stream or download the entire March 3 show right here. Find Zero Hour also on Facebook,Twitter and Tumblr.

Ramma Lamma “Zero Hour theme” from Zero Hour theme (2013) on Self
Dick Dale “Death of a Gremmie” from Surfer's Choice on Sundazed
Terry Anderson “Mr. Busdriverman” from I'll Drink to That (2000) on Not Lame
Jeannie C. Riley “Harper Valley P.T.A” from Harper Valley P.T.A on Plantation
Guitar Slim “Letter to My Girlfriend (Prison Blues)” from Sufferin' Mind (1991) on Speciality
Mark Porkchop Holder “Stagger Lee” from Let It Slide (2017) on Alive Naturalsound
The Jesters “Cadillac Man” from Sun Records Collection (1994) on Rhino
The Kaisers “Peanut Butter” from Squarehead Stomp! (1997) on Get Hip
The Smoggers “I Got You Baby” from Shadows in My Mind (2016) on Soundflat
The Cynics “Yeah!” from Sixteen Flights Up (1988) on Get Hip
Louie Louie “You Still Want Me” from Friend of a Stranger (2017) on Born Losers Records
The Backseat Angels “Pick Up The Phone” from Saturday Night Shakes (2016) on Rum Bar
The Dustaphonics “Gangsters” from Johnny & Bo (2016) on Dirty Water Records
The Pristeens “Oh Billy” from Demos & Rarities (2016) on Girlsville
The Royal Hangmen “Step Out of the Dark” from Hanged, Drawn & Quartered (2016) on CopaseDisques
Tom Baker and the Snakes “Doll Eyes” from Lookout Tower (2016) on Rum Bar
Gentleman Jesse & His Men “Frostbite” from Leaving Atlanta (2012) on Douchemaster
The Revomatics “Out of Limits” from Rev It Up! (2013) on s/r
Cabin Essence “Not for Her” from A Place for Playing Games (2016) on Cabin Essence
The Incorruptibles “Estoy borracho” from Leave It At The Door (2016) on The Incorruptibles
The Mistreaters “Who Wants Knives” from The Mistreaters LP (2012) on Dusty Medical
The Shadows of Knight “Dark Side” from Live 1966 (2014) on Sundazed Music Inc.
Redd Kross “After School Special” from Phaseshifter (1993) on UMC (Universal Music Catalogue)
TV Sound “Did It All Wrong” from Telecommando (2016) on Killing Horse Records
Cherry Pits “Late Nite Lisa” from Splatterday Nite (2017) on self-released
Mark Sultan “Rock Me” from Bbq (2017) on In the Red
The Cheap Cassettes “Sieg Heil (Means I Love You)” from All Anxious, All the Time (2017) on Rum Bar
Swamps “Acid Wray Men” from Rockin' Mess (2016) on Groovie
Rev. Tom Frost “Toxictoons” from Mysteries & Manners (2016) on self-released
Chicken Snake “Hot + Cold” from Tombstone N Bones (2017) on Beast
Johnny Otis & The Jayos “Tough Enough” from Savvy Sugar: The Pure Essence of West Coast Rock'n'Roll on Fantastic Voyage
The Darts (U.S.) “My Heart Is a Graveyard” from The Darts (2017) on Dirty Water Records
The Masonics “I'm the Unforgiver” from Obermann Rides Again (2017) on Dirty Water Records
Churchwood “Hainted” from Hex City (2016) on Saustex Records & Entertainment, LLC
The Electric Mess “He Looks Like a Psycho” from Falling Off the Face of the Earth (2012) on The Electric Mess
Death By Unga Bunga “When You're Alone” from Fight! - EP (2016) on Jansen Plateproduksjon
John Howie Jr. and the Rosewood Bluff “Nobody Moves, Nobody Gets Hurt” from Everything Except Goodbye (2014) on Hands Up!
Paul Collins “Little Suzy” from Feel the Noise (2014) on Alive Naturalsound
Miriam “Don't Talk to Strangers” from Down Today (2015) on Norton Records Inc.
Protex “On the Wire” from Tightrope (2017) on Bachelor
The Stents “Giving Up the Day” from Invisible Sounds (2016) on KOTJ/Ghost Highway
Theatre Royal “Teardrop” from And Then It Fell Out of My Head (2017) on Vacilando '68 Recordings
The Sadies “Through Strange Eyes” from Northern Passages (2017) on Yep Roc Records
Allah-Las “200 South La Brea” from Calico Review (2016) on Mexican Summer
The Snowmen “Garbage Man” from Fort Worth Teen Scene, Vol.2 (2006) on Norton
Bobby & Laurie “No Next Time” from Down Under Nuggets (1966) on Festival
Dany Laj and The Looks “Defending Champion” from Alive & Kicking (2017) on Some Call It Pop
Watts “Strut (Like a Champ)” from The Black Heart of Rock-n-Roll (2016) on Rum Bar
Cyanide Pills “Under the Knife” from Sliced and Diced (2017) on Damaged Goods
Lovesores “Your Secret Face” from Formaldehyde EP (2013) on Lovesores
The Connection “Teenage News” from Just for Fun (2017) on Rum Bar
Cherry Glazerr “Sip O' Poison” from Apocalipstick (2017) on Secretly Canadian

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