Sunday, April 23, 2017

Playlist for 4.21.17: Crawl With Me

Stream or download the entire April 21 show right here. Find Zero Hour also on Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr. 12:30 p.m. start for this show.

Ramma Lamma “Zero Hour theme” from Zero Hour theme (2013) on Self
The Buckinghams “I'm a Man” from Kind of a Drag (Expanded Edition) (2017) on Columbia/Legacy
Lovesores “Rock and Roll Animal” from Rock and Roll Animal - EP (2016) on Hound Gawd!
Swamps “Thirty-One I Scream” from Rockin' Mess (2016) on Groovie
The Improbables “Crawl With Me” from Object to Be Destroyed (2017) on Hidden Volume
Chrome Reverse “Jungle Boogie” from They Wanna Fight (2017) on Mag Wheels
The Link Quartet “Go-Go Rilla” from Minimal Animal (2017) on Soundflat Records
The Caballeros “Last Chance” from Ladies and Gentlemen, The Caballeros (2017) on self-released
Platinum Boys “Lights Out” from Buzz (2017) on Dusty Medical
Midnight Reruns “Concourse C” from Spectator Sports (2017) on Dusty Medical
Ratbatspider “Dead Girls Don't Say No” from Sharksquatch vs. Chupacoctopus (2017) on Ratbatspider
Red Stuff “Basket of Beans” from Woodfaces (2017) on self-released
TV Sound “Telecommando” from Telecommando (2016) on Killing Horse Records
The Pink Tiles “Tell It to Her Straight” from #1 Fan (2017) on The Pink Tiles
Brat Farrar “Let it Go” from Being With You That Night (2015) on Hound Gawd!
The Jesus And Mary Chain “The Two of Us” from Damage and Joy (2017) on Artificial Plastic Records
Cowbell “New Kinda Love” from Haunted Heart (2017) on Damaged Goods
The Regrettes “Juicebox Baby” from Feel Your Feelings Fool! (2017) on Warner Bros.
The Darts (U.S.) “You Got Me” from The Darts (2017) on Dirty Water Records
The Revox “Marlene” from Lazy Sunshine (2014) on The Revox
The Hands “Always Ready” from Hamburger Saignant II (2017) on Frantic City
Jollys “I Need” from Raw Flower - Single (2016) on Tall Pat
Rays “Drop Dead” from Rays (2017) on Trouble In Mind Records
Choke Chains “Billy the Monster” from Cairo Scholars - Single (2016) on Hound Gawd!
Juliana Hatfield “Kellyanne” from Pussycat (2017) on American Laundromat
R. Ring “You Will be Buried Here” from Ignite the Rest (2017) on Sofaburn
The Madcaps “Silver & Gold” from Slow Down (2017) on Howlin Banana Records
The Feelies “Been Replaced” from in between (2017) on Bar/None Records
Kitchen People “They Showed Me Things” from Trendoid (2017) on Oops Baby
Dead Moon “Running Out of Time” from What a Way to See the Old Girl Go (2017) on Voodoo Doughnut
Destination Lonely “Dirt Preacher” from Death of an Angel (2017) on Voodoo Rhythm
Mr. Airplane Man “Lonely For You” from Bits & Pieces (2017) on Girlsville
The Ghost Wolves “Valley of the Wolves” from Texa$ Platinum (2017) on Hound Gawd!
The Mad Doctors “Mind Rot” from No Waves, Just Sharks (2017) on King Pizza
Rastko “Tiger” from Love, Hate and Twists of Fate (2017) on Vacilando '68 Recordings
Talbot Adams “Oh My Girl” from Oh My Girl - Single (2017) on Talbot Adams
Ben Vaughn Quintet “Sleep Without Drugs” from Piece de Resistance (2017) on Kizmiaz Records
Paul Collins Beat “All Over The World” from Long Time Gone/To Beat or Not to Beat (2017) on Lollipop
The Beatifics “All Your Former Boyfriends” from How I Learned to Stop Worrying (2016) on Grandma Camp Records
Dany Laj and The Looks “Mixing a Drink” from Alive & Kicking (2017) on Some Call It Pop
Los Straitjackets “Heart of the City” from What's So Funny About Peace, Love and Los Straitjackets (2017) on Yep Roc Records

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