Saturday, April 29, 2017

Playlist for 4.28.17: Black Eyes

Stream or download the entire April 28 show right here. Find Zero Hour also on Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr.
Ramma Lamma “Zero Hour theme” from Zero Hour theme (2013) on Self
The's “Green Onions” from Teenage Mojo Workout (2002) on Sweet Nothing Records
Walter Lure & the Waldos “Never Get Away” from Live in Brooklyn (2017) on MVD AUDIO
Stupidity “OK” from 10 Years of Stupidity (2017) on Go Fast Records
Piñata Protest “Rocket” from Plethora (2010) on Saustex Media
The Hate Bombs “I'm Movin' On” from I'm Movin' On (2017) on Hidden Volume
The High Learys “Two to Match” from Here Come the High Learys (2014) on Off The Hip
The Limboos “I'm a Fool” from I Need Your Lovin' (2017) on Penniman Records
Sonny and the Premiers “Flirtin'” from Buzzsaw Joint - Diddy Wah, Cut 1 (2017) on Stag-O-Lee
Chrome Reverse “Voodoo Twist” from Do What? (2016) on Kizmiaz Records
The New Colony Six “Mister You're a Better Man Than I” from Colonization (1994) on Sundazed Music
The Madcaps “Lost Morning Blues” from Slow Down (2017) on Howlin Banana Records
The Royal Premiers “Pretty Baby” from Hifi Sound for Hipshakers! (2016) on Kizmiaz Records
Low Cut Connie “Angela” from Dirty Pictures (Part 1) (2017) on Contender Records
Coco Hames “Dead River” from Coco Hames (2017) on Merge Records
Los Straitjackets “Shake and Pop” from What's So Funny About Peace, Love and Los Straitjackets (2017) on Yep Roc Records
The Reddmen “Baby We Were Born To...” from Live, Bootleg (2017) on self-released
The Blow Pops “I Can't Reach You” from Charmed, I'm Sure (1993) on Get Hip
Beach Patrol “And I Believe Her” from Eudaimonia (2016) on Barely Standing
Midnight Reruns “Birthmarks/Fingerprints” from Spectator Sports (2017) on Dusty Medical
The Midwest Beat “Worried / Scared” from Gone Not Lost (2011) on Dusty Medical Records
Whips “Come On” from The Ride (2017) on Skeletal Lightning
Boss Hog “Black Eyes” from Brood X (2017) on In the Red
R. Stevie Moore & Jason Falkner “Horror Show” from Make It Be (2017) on Lost Colony Music
The Upper Crust “Fopped Up” from Delusions of Grandeur (2017) on Upper Crust LTD
Hickoids “Texas Ranger Man” from The Saustex Variations, Vol. 3 (2017) on Saustex
South Filthy “I Like Beer” from Crackin' Up (2005) on Licorice Tree Records
The Raymen “Goodbye Goodbye Gun” from Sinister Funtime (2013) on Hound Gawd!
Blind Butcher “Mojo” from Alawalawa (2017) on Voodoo Rhythm
Evil Twin “Pretend” from Broken Blues (2017) on Off The Hip
The Bonnevilles “The Man with the X Shaped Scar on His Cheek” from Arrow Pierce My Heart (2016) on Alive Naturalsound
St. Morris Sinners “She's Like Fireflies” from Songs About Insects (2016) on Off The Hip
Theatre Royal “Borrowed Pen” from ...And Then It Fell out of My Head. (2017) on Vacilando 68 Recordings / Medlar Records
Anna “Pavement” from May (2017) on Howlin Banana Records
Kitchen People “Red Light” from Trendoid (2017) on Oops Baby
Pale Lips “Hiding from the Moon” from Hiding from the Moon - Single (2017) on Pale Lips
Martha “Ice Cream and Sunscreen” from Blisters in the Pit of My Heart (2016) on Dirtnap Records
Brat Farrar “Sugar Coloured Dream” from Brat Farrar III (2017) on Off The Hip
Doug Tuttle “Can it Be” from Peace Potato (2017) on Trouble In Mind Records
Sarah Bethe Nelson “Out of My Reach” from Oh, Evolution (2017) on Burger Records
Rays “Over and Over” from Rays (2017) on Trouble In Mind Records
R.Ring “100 Dollar Heat” from Ignite the Rest (2017) on Sofaburn Records
The Routes “Thousand Forgotten Dreams” from In this Perfect Hell (2017) on Groovie Records
The Satelliters “I Will Follow the Light” from Zahstethomalex (2017) on Soundflat Records
Soraia “Electrocutioner” from Electrocutioner B / W Is It True? - Single (2017) on Soraia Records
The Link Quartet “Peacock Steady” from Minimal Animal (2017) on Soundflat Records

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