Playlist for 8/18/17: There's a Merkin Lurkin'

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Ramma Lamma “Zero Hour theme” from Zero Hour theme (2013) on Self
Elvis Presley “Walk a Mile in My Shoes” from On Stage (1970) on RCA
Tav Falco “Tram?” from The Drone Ranger - Single (2017) on Blang
Sir Bald Diddley & His Ripcurls “There's a Merkin Lurkin'” from Flip Your Wig! (2017) on Soundflat Records
John Lee Hooker “Big Legs, Tight Skirt” from Whiskey & Wimmen (2017) on Vee Jay
Diesel Park West “For What It's Worth” from Summer of Love - EP (2017) on Strataville
Erma Franklin “Baby, What You Want Me to Do” from Baby, What You Want Me to Do on Shout
Zorton and the Cannibals “Oh Sharon” from Unfavourable Offerings (2017) on self-released
Friends of Cesar Romero “Near the Blood Groove” from Near the Blood Groove b​/​w Tell Her Maybe - EP (2017) on Doomed Babe
Heavy Tiger “I Go for the Cheap Ones” from Glitter (2017) on Wild Kingdom
Tigernite “remember” from rEMEMBER - Single on Tigernite
Holly and the Nice Lions “Dance This Mess” from Your Favorite Ghost (2016) on Memorized Dictionary
Ramma Lamma “Oink'n'boink” from Oink'n'boink - Single (2017) on King Norton
The Midwest Beat “Haunted Blues” from Single (2012) on Certified PR
Gary Stewart “Single Again” from Single Again/Little Junior on RCA
DM Bob & The Deficits “I'm Not Drinking More” from They Called Us Country (2011) on Off Label Records
Eddie Noack “No Blues is Good News” from Ain't The Reaping Ever Done? (1962-1976) on Omni
Hank Thompson “He's Got a Way with Women” from He's Got a Way with Women
Lee Hazlewood “Me and the Wine and the City Lights” from Cowboy In Sweden (2016) on Light In The Attic
The Loudermilks “With You” from Monument (2017) on You Know What...?
Cowbell “Nothing but Trouble” from Haunted Heart (2017) on Damaged Goods
Charlie Faye & the Fayettes “Heart” from Charlie Faye & The Fayettes (2016) on Bigger Better More Records
Reigning Sound “Get It!” from Too Much Guitar (2004) on In the Red
The Deadly Snakes “Sink Like Stones” from Ode To Joy (2003) on In the Red
Lynn Castle “The Lady Barber with Last Friday's Fire” from Rose Colored Corner (2017) on Light In The Attic Records
Don Bryant “Can't Hide the Hurt” from Don't Give up on Love (2017) on Fat Possum
Lee Bains III & The Glory Fires “I Can Change!” from Youth Detention (2017) on Don Giovanni Records
The Pine Hill Haints “The Mystic Order of the Bones (feat. Col J.D.Wilkes & Jamie Barrier)” from Smoke (feat. Col J.D.Wilkes & Jamie Barrier) (2017) on Arkam Records
Hank Ballard & The Midnighters “Let's Go Again (Where We Went Last Night)” from Let's Go Again (Where We Went Last Night) on King
Thee Wylde Oscars “Funny as a Heart Attack” from Rosalita (2017) on Off The Hip
New Mystery Girl “Subway Train” from Crawl Through Your Hair (2016) on Gutsy Dame
The Woggles “Fire Thief” from Tally Ho! (2017) on Wicked Cool Records
Stupidity “Get Up” from 10 Years of Stupidity (2017) on Go Fast Records
The Jackets “Queen of the Pill” from Be Myself / Queen of the Pill - Single (2017) on Voodoo Rhythm
The Two Tens “Feel so Dumb” from On Repeat (2017) on Man Della Records
Thee MVPs “Elh” from ELH / Big P***y (Snitches In Ditches) - Single (2017) on Bachelor
Kitchen People “Red Light” from Trendoid (2017) on Oops Baby
The Madcaps “Devil Money” from Slow Down (2017) on Howlin Banana Records
Sheer Mag “Until You Find the One” from Need to Feel Your Love (2017) on Sheer Mag LLC
Just Jeffrey “Cellular Devices” from Coffee, Tea and Me (2015) on La-Ti-Da
The Motors “You Beat the Hell Outta Me” from Approved By the Motors (1978) on Virgin Records
Terry Anderson “Carl Wilson” from Jimmy's Arcade (2017) on Doublenaught
Jan & Dean “Dead Man's Curve (Live snippet)” from Dead Man's Curve (Live)
Russ Tolman “Hollywood Holiday” from Compass & Map (2017) on LOST


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