Monday, October 9, 2017

Playlist for 10.6.17: Rat in the City

Stream or download the entire Oct. 6 show right here. Find Zero Hour also on Facebook and Twitter.
Ramma Lamma “Zero Hour theme” from Zero Hour theme (2013) on Self
The Monsters “I Don't Want You Anymore” from M (2016) on Voodoo Rhythm
Figures of Light “Don't Call Us, We'll Call You” from Drop Dead (2011) on Norton Records Inc.
Mudhoney “Judgement, Rage, Retribution and Thyme” from My Brother the Cow (1994) on Reprise
Frankie and the Witch Fingers “Sinister Position” from Brain Telephone (2017) on permanent records
John Wesley Coleman III “Mama I'm a Big Boy Now” from Microwave Dreams (2017) on Super Secret Records
Dirty Fences “Teen Angel” from Teen Angel - Single (2017) on Greenway Records
Sheer Mag “Suffer Me” from Need to Feel Your Love (2017) on Sheer Mag LLC
Courtney Barnett & Kurt Vile “Continental Breakfast” from Lotta Sea Lice (2017) on Matador
Roky Erickson “Please Judge” from All That May Do My Rhyme (2017) on play loud!
The 3 1/2 “Problem Child” from Cameo Parkway Pop and Soul Gems of 1966, Vol. 3 (2016) on abkco
Acid Baby Jesus “Me & Panormita” from Lilac Days (2017) on Fuzz Club Records
Los Vigilantes “A ella” from Los Vigilantes (2011) on Slovenly Recordings
Thee Wylde Oscars “Funny as a Heart Attack” from Rosalita (2017) on Off The Hip
Guadalupe Plata “Miedo” from Guadalupe Plata 2017 (2017) on Everlasting Records
Feedtime “Highway Cruisin” from Gas (2017) on In the Red
The No-Talents “We Are the No-Talents” from The No-Talents (1996) on Broken Rekids
Wood Chickens “Satan's Right Hand” from Countryacide (2017) on Big Neck
The Hussy “I See Just Fine” from I See Just Fine (2017) on Big Neck
Indonesian Junk “Why Did I Call You?” from Stars in the Night (2017) on Rum Bar
Static Eyes “Traps” from Traps - EP (2017) on Triple Eye Industries
Proto Idiot “What is My Purpose” from Leisure Opportunity (2017) on Slovenly Recordings
The Mad Doctors “Rusty Knife” from Rusty Knife - Single (2016) on King Pizza
The Buff Medways “You're Out the Band Sunshine” from Medway Wheelers (2017) on Damaged Goods
The Pristeens “I'm a Mess” from Demos & Rarities, Vol. 2 (2017) on Girlsville
The Golden Boys “Cincinnati” from Better Than Good Times (2017) on 12XU
Sweet Knives “Rat in the City” from Sweet Knives (2017) on Bigneck Records
Oh! Gunquit “Greasy Moves” from Lightning Likes Me (2017) on Dirty Water Records
Boss Hog “Billy” from Brood X (2017) on In the Red
Murph and the Gazorpos “Too Scared To Rock N Roll” from Neon Maniacs (2017) on Girlsville
Sites 'n Sounds “The Night Is so Dark” from The Night Is so Dark - Single (2017) on Slovenly Recordings
Les Lullies “Don't Look Twice” from Don't Look Twice E.P. (2017) on Slovenly Recordings
St. Morris Sinners “She's Like Fireflies” from Songs About Insects (2016) on Off The Hip
The Forty Nineteens “Easy Come Easy Go” from Good Fortune (2017) on Kool Kat
The Woggles “Waiting for the Rain” from Tally Ho! (2017) on Wicked Cool Records
The Safes “Streets and Sanitation” from Tasty Waves (2017) on Hidden Volume Records
Terry Anderson “Carl Wilson” from Jimmy's Arcade (2017) on Doublenaught
Flamin' Groovies “Fallen star” from Fantastic Plastic (2017) on Severn Records
Kris Rodgers “Over-rated” from Losing the Frequency (2017) on Rum Bar Records
The No-Things “Who Do You Love Me” from Here come the NO-THINGS!! (2016) on CopaseDisques
The Smoggers “You Can't Come Down” from Dark Reaction (2017) on Soundflat Records
The Maharajas “You Can't Beat Youth” from You Can't Beat Youth - Single (2017) on Low Impact Records
The Empty Hearts “Drop Me Off At Home” from The Empty Hearts (2014) on Savoy
Automatic City “Havana Moon” from Bongoes & Tremoloes (2017) on Stag-o-Lee Records
The Kaisers “(She Can't Do) The Wiki Waki Wu” from Wishing Street (2017) on LBW Records
The Guitaraculas “The Stroll of Lady Doom” from Preachers of the Night (2017) on Storage Records
Travel in Space “Moon” from Das Schlagzeug Meiner Mutter (2017) on Off Label Records
Joecephus & The George Jonestown Massacre “Long Black Veil (feat. W.S. Holland, Warren Ellis & Buzz Osborne)” from Five Minutes to Live: A Tribute to Johnny Cash - EP (2017) on Saustex Media
Daddy Issues “Lemon” from Deep Dream (2017) on Infinity Cat Recordings

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