Saturday, November 11, 2017

Playlist for 11.10.17: 911

Stream or download the entire Nov. 10 show right here. Find Zero Hour also on Facebook and Twitter.
Ramma Lamma “Zero Hour theme” from Zero Hour theme (2013) on Self
The Forty Nineteens “My Camaro (Have Some Fun)” from Good Fortune (2017) on Kool Kat
Heavy Tiger “Feline Feeling” from Glitter (2017) on Wild Kingdom
Radiohearts “Know That Song” from Daytime Man - EP (2017) on Wanda Records
The Vaselines “The Lonely Lp” from V For Vaselines (2014) on Rosary Music
The Brixton Riot “Can't Stop Now” from Close Counts (2017) on Mint 400 Records
Cotton Mather “The Army” from Wild Kingdom (2017) on Star Apple Kingdom
The Lunar Laugh “Work In Progress” from Mama's Boy (2017) on The Lunar Laugh Music
The Tripwires “Ex-Bogeyman” from Fat City Let's Go! - EP (2017) on House Frolic
Squeeze “Patchouli” from The Knowledge (2017) on Love Records
Terry Ohms “The Further We Run The Closer We Get” from A Lot More Than Enough - EP (2017) on Cornelius Chapel Records
Lee Bains III & The Glory Fires “Underneath the Sheets of White Noise” from Youth Detention (2017) on Don Giovanni Records
Ron Gallo “Temporary Slave” from Temporary Slave - Single (2017) on Dine Alone Music
The Singles “Dawn” from Sweet Tooth (2017) on Sound Artifacts Music
Sundial Mottos “Fool” from Sundial Mottos (2017) on self-released
Midnight Reruns “Cicada 3301” from Spectator Sports (2017) on Dusty Medical
Liv Mueller “Once a day” from Liv Sings Light of the Valley, Shadow of the Mountain (2017) on Liv Mueller
Static Eyes “Cahootsin” from Traps - EP (2017) on Triple Eye Industries
Solomon Burke “Beautiful Brown Eyes” from Rock 'N Soul on Atlantic
Sleepy LaBeef “All the Time” from Twenty Great Rockabilly Hits of the '50s on Cascade
Evil Twin “Longing for the Night” from Broken Blues (2017) on Off The Hip
Count Vaseline “Town of Horseheads” from Tales from the Megaplex (2017) on Saustex Media
Shinyribs “Hands on Your Hips” from I Got Your Medicine (2017) on Mustard Lid
The Dyes “My Baby Left” from The Dyes (2010) on The Dyes
Nick Lowe “My Heart Hurts” from Nick the Knife (2017) on YepRoc
The Stanleys “This Time Goodbye” from The Stanleys (2017) on Off the Hip / Rock Indiana
Walter Lure & the Waldos “Can't Keep My Eyes on You” from Live in Brooklyn (2017) on MVD AUDIO
TV Sound “Fall” from Record Jacket Life (1999) on TV Sound
Jeremy Porter & The Tucos “Torn” from Don't Worry, It's Not Contagious (2017) on Gtg Records
Fret Rattles “Make it Through the Night” from Pedal to the Metal and Damn the Consequences (2016) on Fret Rattles
Fret Rattles “Hightime” from The First One on Fret Rattles
King Khan “Run Doggy Run” from Murderburgers (2017) on Ernest Jenning Record Co./Khannibalism
The Liminanas “My Black Sabbath” from Costa Blanca (2013) on Trouble In Mind Records
Bloodshot Bill “Bad Bad Girl” from Guitar Boy (2016) on Norton
Pat Todd & The Rankoutsiders “Stand Up and Sass Back” from Blood & Treasure (2016) on Hound Gawd!
Elvis Presley “My Baby Left me” from My Baby Left me on RCA
Dirty Fences “911” from Goodbye Love (2017) on Greenway Records
David Ruffin & Jimmy Ruffin “Stand By Me” from Stand By Me (1970) on Soul
Tyler Keith “Crooked Road” from Alias: Kid Twist (2015) on Tyler Keith
The Safes “Streets and Sanitation” from Tasty Waves (2017) on Hidden Volume Records
The Sadies “God Bless the Infidels” from Northern Passages (2017) on Yep Roc Records
The Jesus And Mary Chain “Always Sad” from Damage and Joy (2017) on ADA / Warner
The Bats “Antlers” from The Deep Set (2017) on Flying Nun Records
Superchunk “What a Time to Be Alive” from single (2017) on Merge Records
Jackie Shane “In My Tenement” from Any Other Way (2017) on Numero Group
William Bell “Everybody Loves a Winner” from The Very Best of William Bell (2007) on Concord
The Woggles “Hard Times” from Tally Ho! (2017) on Wicked Cool Records
Lloyd Nolen “Fun Fun” from Buzzsaw Joint - Diddy Wah, Cut 1 (2017) on Stag-o-Lee Records

Saturday, November 4, 2017

Playlist for 11.3.17: I'll Be Your Johnny on the Spot

Stream or download the entire Nov. 3 show right here. Find Zero Hour also on Facebook and Twitter.
Ramma Lamma “Zero Hour theme” from Zero Hour theme (2013) on Self
Johnny & The Hurricanes “Cross Fire” from Cross Fire on Warwick
The Scientists “Frantic Romantic” from A Place Called Bad (2016) on Numero Group
Reigning Sound “Stormy Weather” from Time Bomb High School (2002) on In the Red
The Fleshtones “Bigger & Better” from Beachhead (2005) on Yep Roc Records
The Detergents “The Leader of the Laundromat” from The Leader of the Laundromat on Roulette
Count Vaseline “I'll Be Your Johnny on the Spot” from Tales From the Magaplex (2017) on Saustex Media
Alex Chilton “Boogie Shoes” from Like Flies on Sherbert (1979) on Last Call
Johnny Barfield “Soul Butter” from Sun Records - Southern Soul (2012) on Sun
Jerry Lee Lewis “Jambalya” from Sings the Country Music Hall of Fame, Vol. 1 on Smash
Fats Domino “Honey Chile” from Honey Chile on imperial
Danny & the Darleans “Little Black Egg” from Bug Out (2016) on In the Red
Lee Hazlewood “The Bed” from Forty (2017) on Light In The Attic
Barbara Lynn “You're Gonna Need Me” from You're Gonna Need Me on Jamie
The Routes “I Ain't Convinced” from Dirty Needles and Pins (2017) on Greenway Records
The Woolly Bushmen “Don't Let Him In” from Arduino (2017) on Pig Baby Records
The Gruesomes “For All I Care” from Tyrants of Teen Trash (2008) on Ricochet Sound
The Montesas “Why Don't You Do Right” from Battle of the Bands (2013) on Soundflat Records
The Smoggers “Fuzz Me in the Cave” from Dark Reaction (2017) on Soundflat Records
Pale Lips “Don't Take Your Switchblade to New York” from Should've Known Better! - Single (2017) on RESURRECTION RECORDS
Static Eyes “Silencer” from Traps - EP (2017) on Triple Eye Industries
Devil's Teeth “Sakuraba” from Diamond Rio b/w Sakuraba (2017) on self-released
Platinum Boys “Rat Man's Blues” from Buzz (2017) on Dusty Medical
Tigernite “Remember” from Blood Moon - EP (2016) on Tasty Tapes
James Brown “Hot Pants parts 2&3” from Hot Pants parts 2&3 on People
Richard Berry “The Big Break” from Get Out Of The Car (1985) on Kent
CTMF “Billy B. Childish” from In the Devil's Focus (6Music Sessions for Marc Riley and Gideon Coe) (2017) on Damaged Goods
King Khan “Winter Weather” from Murderburgers (2017) on Ernest Jenning Record Co./Khannibalism
Gene Vincent “Love is a Bird” from Ain't That Too Much (1994) on Sundazed
Tav Falco & Panther Burns “Sent Up” from Life Sentence in the Cathouse (2015) on Frenzi
Wood Chickens “Time Don't Stop for Nobody” from Countrycide (2017) on Big Neck Records
Movie Star Junkies “Please Come Home” from Evil Moods (2014) on Voodoo Rhythm
Vulture Whale “Red Hot” from Vulture Whale (2017) on Cornelius Chapel
Terry Ohms “Let's Go Meet the Neighbors” from A Lot More Than Enough - EP (2017) on Cornelius Chapel Records
The Howlin' Max Messer Show “Wastelands” from s/t (2017) on Off Label Records
The Thanes “Don't Change Your Mind” from Don't Change Your Mind (2017) on Hidden Volume
Baronen & Satan “Underwater Love” from Why Does The Blood Never Stick To Your Teeth? (2017) on Dirty Water Records USA
Mean Motor Scooter “Sam, The Homosapien” from Hindu Flying Machine (2017) on Dirty Water Records USA
Wild Evel and the Trashbones “Bugs on My Back” from Digging My Grave (2017) on Dirty Water Records
Escobar “Brain Out” from The Biggest Sound (2017) on Dirty Water Records USA
Freezing Hands “Comeback Kids Hits the Skids” from Comeback Kids Hits the Skids (2017) on Hidden Volume
Instant Smile “Spectacular Time” from Spectacular Time (2017)
The Popravinas “Top of the Heartache” from California Sonic (2017) on Zesty Smile
Justine and the Unclean “Passive Aggressive Baby” from Passive Aggressive Baby - Single (2017) on Justine and the Unclean
SadGirl “Take Me Home” from Volume Three Point Five (2017) on Hard Feelings Records
Bee Bee Sea “Psycho Babe” from Sonic Boomerang (2017) on Dirty Water Records USA
The Forty Nineteens “Purple Microdot” from Good Fortune (2017) on Kool Kat
Fox Face “I Believe in Science” from Spoil + Destroy (2017) on Dirtnap Records
Sweet Knives “Won't You Stop” from Sweet Knives (2017) on Bigneck Records
Savak “Keys to the City” from Cut-ups (2017) on EJRC


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