Playlist for 12.8.17: It's All Wrong

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Ramma Lamma  “Zero Hour theme” from Zero Hour theme (2013) on Self
The Rolling Stones “Cops and Robbers” from On Air (2017) on abkco
The Olympics “Secret Agents” from Something Old, Something New (2008) on Ace Records
The Replacements “Dose of Thunder (Live at Maxwell's, Hoboken, NJ, 2/4/86)” from For Sale: Live At Maxwell's 1986 (2017) on Rhino/Warner Bros.
Girl Trouble “Primeval” from Hit It Or Quit It (1988) on K/Sub Pop
The Greenhornes “Stayed Up Last Night” from Stayed Up Last Night - Single (2017) on Third Man Records
Instant Smile “Spectacular Time” from Spectacular Time - Single (2017) on Slow n Sober Music
Pussycat and The Dirty Johnsons “Pain!” from Ain't No Pussy (2017) on Dirty Water Records
The Pristeens “He's Luckier Than You” from Demos & Rarities, Vol. 2 (2017) on Girlsville
Bee Bee Sea “I Shouted II” from Sonic Boomerang (2017) on Dirty Water Records USA
Wild Evel and the Trashbones “Der Buckilge” from Digging My Grave (2017) on Dirty Water Records
Dion “Two Ton Feather” from Kickin' Child (2017) on Norton Records
Los Tonks “Diciendo No” from Algo Salvaje: Untamed 60s Beat and Garage Nuggets From Spain (2016) on Munster
CTMF “It's All Gone Wrong” from Brand New Cage (2017) on Damaged Goods
William Shatner “Garbageman” from Garbageman (2018) on Caf Muzeck
The GTOS “Missing Out on the Fun” from Cameo Parkway Pop and Soul Gems of 1966, Vol. 3 (2016) on abkco
I.M. Joe “Ouch” from Weird Instrumentals, Vol. 2 (2012) on Red Devil Records
Automatic City “More Spaced out in the Sticks (Instrumental)” from Bongoes & Tremoloes (2017) on Stag-o-Lee Records
King Eye & the Squirts “Fuzz” from Demonseed (2017) on self-released
Static Eyes “Dahmer Faced Dog” from Traps (2017) on Triple Eye Industries
Brain Bats “Road Kill from Outer Space” from Double Feature (2017) on Atamo-Guano
Indonesian Junk “I Would Never Treat You Like That” from Stars in the Night (2017) on Rum Bar
Proto Idiot “You're the Kind of Person” from Leisure Opportunity (2017) on Slovenly Recordings
GŪTARA KYŌ “Romantic” from Gūtara Kyō (2017) on Slovenly Recordings
Baronen & Satan “Elisa” from Why Does the Blood Never Stick to Your Teeth? - Single (2017) on Dirty Water Records USA
The Monsieurs “My War” from Deux (2017) on Slovenly Recordings
Hand & Leg “Hair” from Hand & Leg (2017) on Slovenly Recordings
Crosscut Sores “Kickback” from Raunch Date (2017) on self-released
King Khan “It's Just Begun” from Murderburgers (2017) on Ernest Jenning Record Co./Khannibalism
Doug Sahm and Band “It's Gonna Be Easy” from Doug Sahm and Band (1973) on Atlantic
Possessed By Paul James “Billy Bobby Boy” from Possessed By Paul James (2017) on SYA Records
Skip Church “The Message” from Out of Tune, in Touch with the Devil (2017) on Randy Records
Bed Wettin' Bad Boys “Company” from Rot (2017) on What's Your Rupture?
Lost Balloons “Feed the Pain” from Hey Summer (2017) on Dirtnap Records
Oister “Pop Bottle” from Pre-Dwight Twilley Band 1973-74 Teac Tapes (2017) on Hozac
The Brixton Riot “Maybe Tomorrow” from Close Counts (2017) on Mint 400 Records
Stuart Turner & The Flat Earth Society “No” from Scowl (2017) on Vacilando 68 Recordings
Vulture Whale “Baby In the Oven” from Vulture Whale (2017) on Cornelius Chapel
Tyler Keith “Do It for Johnny” from Alias: Kid Twist (2015) on Tyler Keith
Holly Golightly “Hell to Pay” from Slowtown Now! (2015) on Damaged Goods
Lost Film Foundation “War on Mars” from The Big Heat (2017) on Vacilando 68 Recordings
Choke Chains “Rat Ladder” from Android Sex Worker (2017) on Hound Gawd!
Warm Gun “Broken Windows” from PUNK 45: Les Punks: The French Connection. The First Wave of Punk 1977-80 (2016) on Soul Jazz Records
Mean Motor Scooter “Cosmonaut” from Hindu Flying Machine (2017) on Dirty Water Records USA
The Side Eyes “Cat Call” from So Sick (2017) on In the Red
Juliette Seizure & the Tremor-Dolls “TV Love” from Seizure Salad (2017) on Off The Hip
The Woolly Bushmen “If It's Alright with You” from Arduino (2017) on Pig Baby Records
Zorton and the Cannibals “You're Going Away” from Unfavourable Offerings (2017) on self-released
Fret Rattles “Hey Everybody” from The First One on Fret Rattles
The Woggles “Judas” from Tally Ho! (2017) on Wicked Cool Records
Pocket FishRmen “Treehouse” from The Greatest Story Ever Told (2017) on Saustex Records & Entertainment, LLC
The Routes “You'll See” from Dirty Needles and Pins (2017) on Greenway Records
The Safes “Hometown” from Tasty Waves (2017) on Hidden Volume Records


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