Saturday, January 13, 2018

Playlist for 1.12.18: Kitty Kitty

Stream or download the entire Jan. 12 show right here. Find Zero Hour also on Facebook and Twitter. Debuted new weekly segment, Life at 45, during the last hour of the show!

Ramma Lamma “Zero Hour theme” from Zero Hour theme (2013) on Self
Catzilla “Kitty Kitty” from Catzilla (2017) on Off The Hip
Ruby Boots “It's So Cruel” from Don't Talk About It (2018) on Bloodshot Records
Luna “(Walking Thru' the) Sleepy City” from A Sentimental Education (2017) on Double Feature Records
The Golden Rail “The Silent Birds” from Electric Trails From Nowhere (2017) on Off The Hip
The Ribeye Brothers “Death or Greyhound” from All Hat, No Cattle (2017) on MainMan Records
J.D. Wilkes “Walk Between the Raindrops” from Fire Dream (2017) on Big Legal Mess
Tom Heyman “Etch a Sketch” from Show Business, Baby (2017) on Bohemian Neglect Recording Works
The Regrettes “Back in Your Head” from Back in Your Head - Single (2017) on Warner Bros.
The Beach Boys “Vegetables - Track and Background Vocal” from 1967 - Sunshine Tomorrow 2 - The Studio Sessions (2017) on Capitol Records, LLC
The Golliwogs “You Better Get It Before It Gets You” from Fight Fire: The Complete Recordings 1964-1967 (2017) on Craft Recordings
Flat Duo Jets “Bumble Bee Boogie” from Wild Wild Love (2017) on Daniel 13
Smart Patrol “Tear this World in Two” from Overage Underachievers (2017) on Off The Hip
The Woolly Bushmen “Something New” from Arduino (2017) on Pig Baby Records
The Routes “You'll See” from Dirty Needles and Pins (2017) on Greenway Records
The Dad Horse Experience “I Know Your Name” from I Am a Stranger Here Below (2017) on Off Label Records
Sick Hyenas “Moskito” from Heaven for a While (2017) on Rookie Records
Xposed 4heads “Push Me” from Urgency Squad (2017) on Internal Combustion
Indonesian Junk “I Would Never Treat You Like That” from Stars in the Night (2017) on Rum Bar
Indonesian Junk “Stars” from Stars in the Night (2017) on Rum Bar
Barely Losing “Killing Me (Catholic Guilt)” from Firefly (2017) on self-released
Sloan “Unkind” from The Double Cross (2011) on Yep Roc Records
Teenage Fanclub “Pet Rock” from Bandwagonesque (1991) on Geffen Records
Cait Brennan “Goodbye Missamerica” from Third (2017) on Omnivore Recordings
Peter Perrett “Living in my Head” from How the West Was Won (2017) on Domino
Terry Anderson “Punchline” from Jimmy's Arcade (2017) on Doublenaught
The Singles “Nobody Knows” from Sweet Tooth (2017) on Sound Artifacts Music
Josh Alan “Greyhound” from Famous & Poor (1991) on Four Dots Records
Joey Skidmore “James Bond Versus the Munsters” from Rollin' with the Punches: The Best of Joey Skidmore (2017) on Mop-Top Records
Dan Montgomery “What am I Here For” from gone (2017) on Fantastic Yes
El Goodo “It's All Over” from By Order of the Moose (2017) on Strangetown Records
Brent Best “Good Man Now” from Your Dog, Champ (2015) on self-released

Marvin Rainwater “Tough Top Cat” from Tough Top Cat on Warwick
Chuck Willis “Juanita” from Juanita on Atlantic
The Larados w/ Lucky Lee “Bad Bad Guitar Man” from Bad Bad Guitar Man on Fox
Porter Wagoner “Tennessee Stud” from Tennessee Stud on RCA
Bobby "Blue" Bland “Yum Yum Tree” from Yum Yum Tree on Duke
The Brood “You Got Me” from You Got Me on Get Hip
The Little Killers “Think” from Think on Norton Records
The Rolling Stones “Gotta Get Away” from Gotta Get Away (1966) on London
Mick Farren and the New Wave “Lost Johnny” from Lost Johnny (1977) on Ork
? & The Mysterians “96 Tears” from 96 Tears on Cameo
Johnny Maddox & The Rhythmasters “Boppin'” from Boppin' on Dot
The Swanks “Ghost Train” from Ghost Train (1964) on Norton
Monomen “Skin & Bones” from Skin & Bones on Sub Pop
XTC “Homo Safari” from Homo Safari on Virgin
The Young Gents “Big Things Come in Small Packages” from Big Things Come in Small Packages
Otis Redding “You Made a Man Out of Me” from You Made a Man Out of Me on Atco
Rick Nelson “Teenage Idol” from Teenage Idol on imperial
Lover! “Home Alone” from Home Alone on Windian
Darlene Love “My Heart Beat a Little Bit Faster” from My Heart Beat a Little Bit Faster on Phillies

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