Saturday, February 10, 2018

Playlist for 2.9.18: We're Gonna Crash

Stream or download the entire Feb. 9 show right here. Find Zero Hour also on Facebook and Twitter. Featuring Life at 45 during the last hour of the show!

Ramma Lamma “Zero Hour theme” (2013) on Self
Steve Train's Bad Habits “Feelin' No Pain” (2018) on Off Label
Catzilla “Love on Floor 102 (King Kong)” (2017) on Off The Hip
The Link Quartet “Black Bug” (2017) on Soundflat Records
Messer Chups “Night Stripper” (2018) on MuSick Recordings
The Electric Mess “We're Gonna Crash” (2018) on Soundflat Records
Pat Todd & The Rankoutsiders “Failure Is My Name” (2017) on Beluga Music
Jonny Magus & The Bursting Bubbles “Melody Delight” (2017) on self-released
Smart Patrol “Suburb Sunday” (2017) on Off The Hip
Coconut Kings “Midnight Stomp” (2017) on Off Label Records
Ghostwriter “How Many Times” (2018) on End of the West
The Goon Mat & Lord Benardo “Get Down With You” (2018) on Voodoo Rhythm
Stuart Turner & The Flat Earth Society “When” (2017) on Vacilando 68 Recordings
Death By Unga Bunga “Soldier” (2018) on Jansen Records
Low Cut Connie “Beverly” (2018) on Contender Records
Dinola “I Put a Spell on You” (2018) on Saustex Records & Entertainment, LLC
Proto Idiot “Do You Know Me Now?” (2017) on Slovenly Recordings

Atheists and Airplanes “Heavy” (2018) on self-released
Ramblin' Deano “The Corporate Center” (2017) on self-released
Barely Losing “Motion Sick” (2017) on self-released
Abby Jeanne “Cosmic Beings” (2017) on Abby Jeanne

Hasil Adkins “The Hunch” (1986) on Norton Records
Eddie King & Mae Bee Mae “Please Mr. DJ” on RSAB
Andre Williams “Burning the Roses” (2001) on Norton Records
Stupidity “Out of Bounds” (2017) on Go Fast Records
The Long Ryders “A Stitch in Time” (1987) on Island Records
The Routes “Ego a Go Go” (2017) on Greenway Records
R├ąttanson “Don't Mess With Me” (2017) on Open Mind Records
Becky Lee & Drunkfoot “Hip Kids” (2012) on Voodoo Rhythm
The Ribeye Brothers “Call of the Scrapheap” (2017) on Main Man
Jon Spencer Blues Explosion “Dynamite Lover” (1996) on Matador
The Senders “Baby Glows In the Dark” (1998) on Skydog
Subsonics “Looking for Something” (2005) on Slovenly Recordings
The White Wires “Will You Come Back” (2012) on Dirtnap Records

Go to Blazes “Casa Diablo” on Diesel Only
Big Joe Turner “Hide & Seek” on Atlantic
Nathaniel Mayer “I Had a Dream” on FORTUNE
Jack Of Heart “Oscar Wilde” on Slovenly Recordings
The Seeds “Try to understand” on GNP Crescendo
The Ar-Kaics “Cut Me Down” (2014) on Hidden Volume
F** Knights “British Byrds on My Mind” on Sir Gregory
Lonnie Mack “Suzie Q” on Fraternity
Dyke & The Blazers “Funky Walk, Pt. 2 (West)” on Original Sound
Isaac Hayes “Walk on By” on Enterprise
Charley Pride “Crystal Chandeliers” on RCA
George Jones “Bartender's Blues” on Epic
Latimore “Put out the Fire” on Malaco
J.J. Jackson “But It's Alright” (1966) on Warner Brothers
Bob Luman “Let's Think About Living” on Warner Brothers
Marty Robbins “Don't Worry” on Columbia

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