Monday, January 30, 2023

Dead in Los Angeles: Playlist for 1.27.23

One month almost done in 2023 - my last show of the month included new music from the Godfathers and lots of old music courtesy of the Dead Milken, the Troggs, Rufus Thomas, the Neckbones, the A-Bones, Lonnie Mack & more!

Zero Hour right this way.

Del Reeves "Looking at the World Through a Windshield" on United Artists

Larry Williams "I Wanna Know" on Chess

The Dead Milkmen "Punk Rock Girl" on Restless

The Shondells "Thunderbolt" on Snap

The Godfathers "Dead in Los Angeles" on Cargo

Hoodoo Gurus "Who Do You Love?" on Big Time

The Eastern Dark "Julie Loves Johnny" on Half A Cow Records

Little Richard "Rip It Up" on Speciality

Boss Hog "I Dig You" on DGC

The Troggs "I Can't Control Myself" on Atco

The Ramones "The Return of Jackie and Judy" on RSO

Wheels On Fire "Come on Judy" on Trouble in Mind

Jonny Polonsky "There Is Something Wrong With You" on Jonny Polonsky

Roky Erickson & The Explosives "White Faces" on Sunset Blvd Records / SteadyBoy Records

The Shieks "Are You Still With Me?" on Ballroom

Knaughty Knights "Connection" on Norton

Big Bobby & the Nightcaps "Oo Bop Sha Boom" on Black Lung

The Court Jesters "Roaches" on Blast

Tommy Boyce & Bobby Hart "I Wonder What She''s Doing Tonight" on A&M

Terry Alan Hackbarth "Never Really Found You" on Easter Records

The Midwest Beat "Carol Anne" on Wild Honey Records

Caley Conway "You've Got Tombs in Your Eyes" on aura vortex records

Convert "Death Mask" on Triple Eye Industries

Static Eyes "Trouble" on Windian

The Kinks "I Need You" on Reprise

Beaver and The Trappers "Happiness Is Havin'" on Modern Harmonic

The Dave Clark Five "On the Move" on Epic

Scott Morgan & Miss Georgia Peach "All Talk No Action" on Ramo Records

Huey "Piano" Smith & His Clowns "High Blood Pressure" on Ace

Rufus Thomas "Can Your Monkey Do the Dog?" on Stax

Midnight Woolf "Take it Off" on Off the Hip

Darryl Vincent "Wild Wild Party" on Ace

South Bay Surfers "Lolipop" on Hot Rash

Sam The Sham And The Pharaohs "Ju Ju Hand" on MGM

Hannibal "I Think We've Met Before" on King

Laura Lee "I Don't Want Nothing Old (But Money)" on Hot Wax

Little Junior Parker "Annie Get Your Yo-Yo" on Duke

Hickoids "Fruit Fly" on Saustex Media

Pat Todd & The Rankoutsiders "Stagger & Swagger" on Sioux

The Scaners "X-Ray Glasses: On" on Spaghetty Town

Slik "The Kid's a Punk" on Cherry Red

1910 Fruitgum Company "May I Take a Giant Step (Into Your Heart)" on Buddah

The Neckbones "Nobody Gets Me Down" on Fat Possum

The Makers "Mary Ann" on Sympathy for the Record Industry

Hasil Adkins "Ellen Marie" on Norton Records Inc.

The Dixie Cups "You Should Have Seen the Way He Looked At Me" on Red Bird

Clarence Carter "Doin' Our Thing" on Atlantic

Roy C. "I'm Bustin' My Rocks (Working on the Chain Gang)" on Mercury

Charlie Louvin "Think I'll Go Somewhere And Cry Myself To Sleep" on Capitol

The A-Bones "Shallow Grave" on Norton Records

Little Willie John "There's a Difference" on King

Syl Johnson "Goodie Goodie Good Times" on Shama Records

Gary Stewart "Your Place or Mine" on RCA

James Brown "I Guess I'll Have To Cry Cry Cry" on King

Lonnie Mack "Susie-Q" on Fraternity

Willie Mitchell "Six to Go" on HI

You Tube Movie of the Week: The Writer in America: Ross MacDonald

Saturday, January 14, 2023

Strychnine Wine: Playlist for 1.13.23

I always forget that it is Friday the 13th, and I'm supposed to like play lots of spooky music or songs about bad luck, etc. Oh, well, I watched an episode of Friday the 13th: The Series last night to make up. I guess that counts. Come to think about it, I did play at least one spooky song, a great new one from the great T. Tex Edwards, who was backed by the late, great Homer Henderson. Definitely grab it at Bandcamp right this minute. 

Zero Hour right this way.

Ramma Lamma "Zero Hour theme" on Self

Gino Washington "Come Monkey With Me" on Norton Records

Rude Awakening "Certain Girl" on Arcania International

The Upper Crust "Who's Who of Love" on Upper Crust Ltd.

Bo Diddley "Cadillac" on Geffen

The Darbs "Blue Line Train" on Plaza 8 Records

The Yardbirds "Too Much Monkey Business" on Warner Brothers

The Senders "Baby Glows In the Dark" on Left for Dead

Sir Winston & The Commons "We're Gonna Love" on Beat Rocket

The Preachers "Quit Talking ‘Bout Him (Publishing Demo)" on BeatRocket

Lou Reed "Gee Whiz" on Light in the Attic

Syndicate Of Sound "Lookin' for the Good Times (The Robot)" on Bell

Rotten To The Core "Don't Let Me Wait Too Long" on Grapefruit

Tommy Keene "The Right Time to Fly" on Second Motion

The Romantics "In the Nighttime" on Nemperor

Buzzcocks "Senses out of Control" on Cherry Red

Sloan "Spend the Day" on Yep Roc

The Pleasers "You Know What I'm Thinking Girl" on Cherry Red Records

Tommy Roe "Party Girl" on ABC Records

The Lovelies "Look at Yourself" on Force MP Entertainment L.L.C.

Goodnight Loving "Pink Tombstones" on Dusty Medical Records

The German Art Students "Love in the Alps" on Autobahn Music

Florida Brothers Band "Chicken Bucket" on Holy Family Players Theatre

Johnny Cash "Crystal Chandeliers and Burgundy" on CBS

Carol Montgomery "I'm Trying to Do What Mama Says" on Teensville

The Rolling Stones "19th Nervous Breakdown (Live)" on Universal Music Group International

Hoodoo Gurus "Hallucination" on Universal Music Australia (Distribution)

Southern Culture On The Skids "Biff Bang Pow" on Yep Roc

Danny Boy & his Big Britches "Jeepster" on Self-released

Tav Falco & Panther Burns "Go On Home" on Triple X Records

The Reducers "Spaghetti Western #6" on Rave On Records

The William Loveday Intention "Cowboys are Square" on Damaged Goods Records

T. Tex Edwards with Homer Henderson "Strcyhnine Wine"

Lafayette Thomas "Cockroach Run" on Koko-Mojo

Sir Douglas Quintet "Oh What a Mistake" on Sundazed

Gary "U.S." Bonds "Guida's Romeo & Juliet" on Ace

The Beau Brummels "And I've Seen Her" on Now Sounds

The Shadows of Knight "Someone Like Me" on BeatRocket

The A-Bones "Teenage Head (feat. Roy Loney)" on Norton Records Inc.

Young Fresh Fellows "Go Blue Angels Go" on Yep Roc Records

The Tripwires "Dance with a Drink" on Folc Records

James and the Ultrasounds "Party Dracula" on MADJACK Records

Any Trouble "Turning Up the Heat" on Stiff

The Hanks "Everybody's Girl (Long Mix)" on Self-Released

Bobby Womack "If You Think You're Lonely Now" on ABKCO Music & Records, Inc.

The Star Room Boys "Foolish" on Checkered Past

The Gardienas "Flaming Love" on Secret

Nathaniel Mayer "Satisfied Fool" on Fat Possum

The Mark Four "I'm Leaving" on Deram

The Bearings "I Can't Take It" on Gear Fab

The Bob Knight Four "So So Long (Good Goodbye)" on Mr. Maestro

Candy "Whatever Happened to Fun" on Big Beat

You Tube Movie of the Week: The Jim Thompson Story

Monday, January 9, 2023

Monster Post: Playlists for 12.23.22, 12.30.22, and 1.6.23

Hello everyone, got a lot behind on my postings, so here are playlists for three weeks. Wow! You can relive Christmas, New Year's and last week! Ooh. 

New music in the last few weeks from Tyler Keith, Pat Todd & the Rankoutsiders, Terry Alan Hackbarth, the Quilz, the Guy Hamper Trio, the Bobby Lees, Stupidity, & more!

Playlist for 1.6.23

Ramma Lamma "Zero Hour theme" on Self

Cheap Trick "Southern Girls (Ardent Studios Demo)" on Epic/Legacy

Pat Todd & The Rankoutsiders "Move it On Over" on Sioux

The Coasters "The Shadow Knows" on Atco

Roky Erickson & The Explosives "Starry Eyes" on Sunset Blvd Records / SteadyBoy Records

David Bowie "Cracked Actor" on Parlophone UK

The Black Hollies "Hush" on Ernest Jenning Record Co.

The Madcaps "She's So Hot" on Howlin Banana Records

The Singles "(She's Got) A Heart of Stone" on Sound Artifacts Music

The Knack "Baby Talks Dirty" on Capitol

The Main Ingredient "I Just Don't Want To Be Lonely" on RCA

Jack-O and the Tennessee Tearjerkers "Night Owl" on Big Legal Mess

Rufus Thomas "Sister's Got a Boyfriend" on Stax

Images "My Kinda Woman" on Norton Records

The M-80s "What I'm After" on Get Hip

Mitch Ryder & The Detroit Wheels "Breakout" on New Voice

Trolley "Til I'm Gone" on Easter Records

Terry Alan Hackbarth "Never Really Found You"

The Quilz "Valerie Loves Me" on Prickly Records

The Midwest Beat "Still in Love with You" on Dusty Medical Records

Ben Vaughan Combo "Wrong Haircut" on Restless

Erik Vincent Huey "You Can't Drink All Day (feat. Eric Ambel)" on CEN

Joe Tex "I've Got to Do a Little Bit Better" on Dial

Sam Cooke "Chain Gang" on RCA

Nick Lowe "Time Wounds All Heels" on Columbia

Loretta Lynn & Conway Twitty "Get Some Loving Done" on MCA

Funkadelic "Hit It and Quit It" on Westbound

Mable John "Wait You Dog" on Stax

Daddy Long Legs "Big Road Blues" on Norton Records

Little Walter "Temperature" on Chess MCA

The Guy Hamper Trio "Polygraph Test" on Damaged Goods

Wild Billy Childish & the Singing Loins "I Don't Like the Man That I Am" on Damaged Goods

Tyler Keith "Servant Class" on Black & Wyatt

THE BOBBY LEES "Ma Likes to Drink" on Ipecac Recordings / Liberator Music

Sloan "Nice Work If You Can Get It" on Yep Roc

Mercy "Fireball" on Sundi

Paul Revere & The Raiders "Good Thing" on Columbia

Curtis Mayfield "Underground" on Rhino

Stupidity "The Murder of Love (feat. Keith Streng)" on Red on Red

Stupidity "This Love Is for Real" on Go Fast Records

The Cramps "Mama Oo Pow Pow" on Vengeance Records

The Real Kids "Jeanie Jeanie Jeanie (Live, May 1977)" on Crypt Records

The Rezillos "(My Baby Does) Good Sculptures" on Rhino/London-Sire

Jerry Lee Lewis "High Powered Woman" on Charly

Sweet Cherry "Funny Things Floating" on Crypt

Big Guitars from Texas "Riot At Huntsville" on Jungle Records

The Johnny Otis Show "Willie and the Hand Jive" on Charly

6 String Drag "Lorene" on E-Squared

Young Fresh Fellows "She's By Request" on Yep Roc Records

Marshall Crenshaw "Girls..." on Warner Catalog and O/H

Evan Johns & the H-Bombs "Sugar Cookie" on Alternative Tentacles

Ritchie Valens "Framed" on Del-Fi

Playlist for 12.30.22

Ramma Lamma "Zero Hour theme" on Self

Buzzcocks "Don't Mess With My Brain" on Cherry Red Records

The Muffs "Big Mouth" on Sympathy for the Record Industry

Redd Kross "Any Hour Every Day" on Sympathy for the Record Industry

The Preacher's Kids "Good Times Are Still Yet to Come" on The Preacher's Kids

The Dogmatics "My Little Sister’s Got a Motorbike" on Rum Bar Records

Sorrows "Rita" on Big Stir Records

The Rave-Ups "Brigitte Bardot" on Omnivore Recordings

Popular Creeps "From the Past" on Big Stir Records

TV Sound "In April" on Killing Horse Records

The Tripwires "(Something In A) Friday Night" on Spark and Shine

Tommy Keene "If You're Getting Married Tonight" on Matador

Danny Boy and his Big Britches "I Knowed It" on Rankin Records

The Backsliders "Pain of Love" on Mammoth

Chuck Berry "Nadine" on Chess

Eddie Hinton "Watch Dog" on Mercury Records

Pat Todd & The Rankoutsiders "Stagger & Swagger" on Sioux

The Senders "One Cup of Coffee" on Left for Dead

The Quilz "Little Red Corvette" on Prickly Records

Beach Patrol "Don't Concern Myself" on Self-Released

Mothers Room "Fishing" on Rockhaus

Matthew Davies "Monster" on self-released

Friends of Cesar Romero "According to Vixen Daily" on Doomed Babe

Rockin' Horse "Biggest Gossip In Town (Single Version)" on Grapefruit

Ellie Greenwich "Couldn't You Wait Til The Party Was Over" on Teensville

The Fabulous Five "Janie Made a Monster" on Skinupski

Lou Reed "Baby, Let Me Follow You Down" on Light In The Attic

The Sound Ivestment "Come Back Baby" on Teensville

Bram Tchaikovsky "Girl of My Dreams" on Rhino

Sneakers "Condition Red" on Omnivore Recordings

Tyler Keith "Castaway" on Black & Wyatt

Little Willie John "Spasms" on King

Billy "The Kid" Emerson "The Woodchuck" on Secret

Big Walter Price & His Thunderbirds "Calling Margie" on RWA

The William Loveday Intention "It Ain't Mine" on Damaged Goods Records

Gino and the Goons "She Was Crushed" on Slovenly Recordings

Joecephus and The George Jonestown Massacre "Snowblind in the Rising Sun" on Saustex Records & Entertainment, LLC

Dan Montgomery "Hard Time" on Fantastic Yes Records

The Diablos Featuring Nolan Strong "My Heart Will Always Belong to You" on Regency

Margie Day "Crazy Over You" on Ace

Kids on a Crime Spree "Boomdoom" on Slumberland Records

The Prissteens "If You Really Love Me" on Girlsville

G. Collins & Vibrations "Whatca Do?" on Gear Fab

LeRoi Brothers "Treat Her Right" on AVRA

Churchwood "Ring Around the Moon Tonight" on Saustex Records & Entertainment, LLC

Spanking Charlene "Booze & Pills" on Slacker Music

The Blueberry Hellbellies "Prehistoric Plateau" on Bear Family

The Hentchmen "Anywhere" on Times Beach Records

The Outta Sites "Jezebel" on Spinout Records

The Downbeat 5 "Dum Ditty Ditty" on Hi-N-Dry Records

The Paybacks "Bright Side" on Get Hip

Barrence Whitfield & The Savages "Let's Go to Mars" on Bloodshot Records

Coco Hames "I Don’t Wanna Go" on Merge Records

Ooga Boogas "A Night to Remember" on Aarght Records

Playlist for 12.23.22

Ramma Lamma "Zero Hour theme" on Self

The Tornadoes "Santa Claus" on Norton

Thee Fine Lines "Nothin' But Tears (Under My Christmas Tree)" on Self-Released

The Fleshtones "Run, Rudolph, Run!" on Yep Roc Records

Big Bud "Rock Around the Christmas Tree" on Koko Mojo

Rufus Thomas "I'll Be Your Santa Baby" on Stax

Beebe Gallini with Cindy Lawson "You Ain't Getting Nothin'" on RumBar Records

The Kinks "Father Christmas" on Flashback

The Beach Boys "Santa's Beard" on Capitol

MFC Chicken "Hey Hey Father Christmas (Pocahontmas)" on Folc Records

Fountains of Wayne "The Man In the Santa Suit" on Atlantic

The So So Glos "This Could Be Christmas (feat. Spider Stacy)"

The Moaners "Something Funny In Santa's Lap" on Yep Roc Records

The Dyes "Santa Claus"

Dwight Twilley "Christmas with the Martians" on Digital Music Works

Screamin' Jay Hawkins "It's X'Mas (A Time for Giving)" on Midnight

The Grovelers "Sleigh Bell Rock" on Team Bryce Foundation

Couch Flambeau "Funky Christmas" on self-released

Xposed 4heads "Sleigh Ride" on Internal Combustion

Ramma Lamma "Rock 'N' Roll Lady" on Certified PR

The Quilz "Christmas Wrapping" on Self-Release

L'Resorts "I'm Ready to Eat" on self-released

Reigning Sound "Jingle Bell Rock" on Norton Records

Debbie Gibson "Christmas Star" on Stargirl Records

The Accelerators "Christmas This Year" on Sound Asleep Records

The Cartridge Family "Sad on Christmas Day" on Sir Walter

Cindy Lawson "Hey Santa" on Rum Bar

The Prissteens "Christmas Is a Time for Giving" on Girlsville

Mike Ireland "Christmas From a Bar"

William Bell "Everyday Will Be Like a Holiday" on Stax

Clarence Carter "Back Door Santa" on Atlantic

Dave Dudley "Six Tons of Toys" on Mercury

Joan Shaw "I Want a Man for Christmas" on Righteous

Stupidity "Reindeer Twist (feat. Keith Streng)" on Red on Red Records

Hasil Adkins "Santa Claus Boogie" on Norton Records

Joel Patterson "Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas" on Ventrella

Movie Movie "Another Holiday" on Self-Released

Paul Revere & The Raiders "Rain, Sleet or Snow" on Columbia

The Krayolas "Tex-Mex Rudolph (feat. Augie Meyers) [Navidad Remaster]" on Box Records

The Youngsters "Christmas in Jail" on Rhino

The Minus 5 "Your Christmas Whiskey" on Yep Roc

Augie Rios "¿Donde Esta Santa Claus?" on Polydor

Prince "Another Lonely Christmas" on Paisley Park

Chuck Berry "Merry Christmas Baby" on Bear Family

The Hentchmen "Come on Santa" on Norton

Thee Headcaotees "Santa Claus" on Damaged Goods

James Brown "Santa Claus, Santa Claus" on Rhino

Little Joey "Comin' Down Your Chimney" on Bear Family

Monday, December 12, 2022

Another Holiday: Playlists for 12.2.22 & 12.9.22


Two weeks of playlists for you because, yes, it is that time of the semester. Quite a few new releases, from the likes of Movie Movie with a groovy, groovy holiday song that you can hear in the fantastic video above , Danny Boy & His Big Britches (Danny Kurtz --- Backsliders, Phil Lee, etc.), who deliver a whopping dose of rock'n'roll, Xposed 4heads with a new Christmas ditty, power pop long-haulers Sloan, and an awesome archival release of Hozac from the Revelons and much more.

Two tributes to this week to musicians who passed away way, way too soon: Peter Cooper, who was also a noted music journalist and frequent collaborator with Eric Brace, and Jess Barr from Slobberbone

No show for me this Friday as I tackle more of the aforementioned papers, but I will be back Dec. 23 for my annual Don't Bite Santa, Dusty holiday show. 

This way to Zero Hour for Dec. 9 and that way to Dec. 2 (only a partial show, unfortunately). 

Ramma Lamma "Zero Hour theme" on Self

The Fireballs "Groovy Motions" on Atco

1910 Fruitgum Company "Special Delivery" on Buddah

The McCoys "Come On Let's Go" on Bang

Danny Boy & his Big Britches "Oh Baby, I Love You!" on Self-released

The Senders "I Can Give You Everything" on Left for Dead

Little Bob Story "Come on Home" on Chiswick

Jimmie Dee & The Offbeats "Henrietta" on Dot

The Huns "You Know" on Gear Fab

The Gentrys "Make Up Your Mind" on MGM

The Young Rascals "Come on Up" on Atlantic

The Dogmatics "X’mas Time (It Sure Doesn’t Feel Like It)" on Rum Bar Records

Peter Cooper "Sheboygan" on Red Beet Records

Slobberbone "Josephine" on New West Records

George Jones "You're Still On My Mind" on Mercury

Sam & Dave "Still Is the Night" on Atlantic

Xposed 4heads "Sleigh Ride" on Internal Combustion

Holly and the Nice Lions "Depression in French" on Spare Change

Indonesian Junk "Crimes" on Lost Cat/Some Weird Sin

Liv Mueller "A Little Bit of Pain - single" on self-released

The Marvelettes "Twistin' Postman" on Tamla

Carla Thomas "Separation" on Stax

Reigning Sound "If Christmas Can't Bring You Home" on Norton Records

Sir Douglas Quintet "She's Gotta Be Boss" on Tribe

Ramma Lamma "Big Street Time" on FDH

The Countdowns "Love Her So" on Scooch Pooch

Jerry Lee Lewis "Wild One" on Norton

Tav Falco & The Panther Burns "She's the One to Blame" on Sympathy

The LeRoi Brothers "Ain't I'm a Dog" on Self

The Master Plan "Find Something Beautiful" on Blood Red

Louie Louie "Out in the Streets" on Hidden Volume

Mick Collins & Danny Kroha "Winter Blues and Greens" on Norton Records Inc.

The Seeds "I Tell Myself" on GNP Crescendo

Santo & Johnny "Long Walk Home" on Canadian & American

Art Jerry Miller "Finger Lickin' good" on Enterprise

The Kinks "I Gotta Move" on Reprise

The Pirates "Mona / Who Do You Love" on Crimson

Strawberry Alarm Clock "Sit With the Guru" on Grapefruit

The Castells "An Angel Cried" on Ace

The Martinis "Holiday Cheer" on Light In The Attic Records

Movie Movie "Another Holiday" on Self-Released

Slim Harpo "I'm Gonna Miss You (Like the Devil)" on Excello

Wilson Pickett "Toe Hold" on Atlantic

The Bo-Keys "Cracker Jack" on Electraphonic

Ike & Tina Turner "You Can't Blame Me" on Sue

Dave 'Baby' Cortez "I'm Happy" on Clock

Clarence Reid "Chicken Hawk" on Alston

Sloan "She Put up with What She Put Down" on Yep Roc Records

Dany Laj and The Looks "Your Lips" on Rum Bar

Cindy Lawson "The Girl" on Rum Bar

Marshall Crenshaw "You're My Favorite Waste of Time" on Warner Brothers

Little Richard "Can't Believe You Wanna Leave" on Specialty

The Fox Sisters "Uum Uum Uum" on Dive Records

The Upsetters "Where You Goin' There Sapphire?" on Norton

Roddy Jackson "There's A Moose On The Loose" on Specialty

Dec. 2

Ramma Lamma "Zero Hour theme" on Self

The Sonics "Have Love Will Travel" on Etiquette Records

The's "19th Nervous Breakdown" on Norton

Danny & the Darleans "Soul on Ice" on In The Red

Kid Congo & the Pink Monkey Birds "Dance Me Swamply" on In The Red

The Revelons "Red Hot Woman" on Hozac

Suzi Quatro "Primitive Love" on Chrysalis Records

Los Pekenikes "Suspicion"

The Jaybirds "The Right Kind" on Modern Harmonic

Lee Rogers "You Won't Have to Wait Til Xmas" on Koko-Mojo

Carla and Rufus "Cause I Love You" on Atco

Roy Loney & the Phantom Movers "Hundred Miles an Hour" on Solid Smoke Records

The Rubs "Yer Trouble" on Hozac Records

The Rubs "What Did I Do?" on Hozac Records

The Beau Brummels "News (Demo)" on Now Sounds

Tommy James & The Shondells "Do Unto Me" on Roulette

Reigning Sound "You Don't Hear The Music" on Sympathy For The Record Industry

Dick Satan Trio "Ride The Pony Jerk" on Devil's Kiss

The L.A. Explosion! "You Don't Know Me" on Don't

Nerve Twins "Mindflower" on Atomic

Trent Fox and The Tenants "Old Lady" on Kind Turkey Records

The Mistreaters "Push You" on P. Trash

The Mistreaters "Oh! Didn't I Say" on P. Trash

The Real Kids "All Kindsa Girls" on Norton

Ramma Lamma "Hot Stuff" on Certifed PR

Zorton and the Cannibals "Prom Song" on Badgerow

Ramones "You're Gonna Kill That Girl" on Rhino/Warner Bros.

The Sellwoods "Curse of the Ramones" on Chaputa

Elvis Presley "Witchcraft" on RCA Victor

Tyler Keith "Have You Ever Gone Insane?" on Black & Wyatt Records

The Dream Syndicate "Every Time You Come Around" on Fire Records

The Baseball Project "Box Scores" on Yep Roc

House of Freaks "You Can Never Go Home" on Rhino

Range Rats "The Two of Us" on Tombstone Records

Them / Belfast Gypsies "Boom Boom (Remastered)" on Munster

Sir Doug & The Texas Tornados "Texas Ranger Man" on ABC Dot

Jerry Lee Lewis "Thirty Nine and Holding" on Elektra

Wilson Pickett "Danger Zone" on Atlantic

Thee Midniters "Everybody Needs Somebody to Love" on Rhino

The Sapphires "Who Do You Love" on Eric

NRBQ "I Got A Little Secret" on Sundazed

The Grass Roots "Where Were You When I Needed You" on Dunhill

Bards "Thanks a Lot Baby" on Norton Records

Del Shannon "So Long Baby" on Edsel

The A-Bones "Don't Talk About Him" on Norton Records

Etta James "The Pick-Up" on Ace

Young Jessie "Mary Lou" on Crown

The GTVs "Just About to Lose Your Clown" on Teen Sound

The Plimsouls "Dizzy Miss Lizzy" on Planet

The Outlaws "Fun, Fame & Fortune" on Garageland

The Ventures "Ginchy" on Dolton

Chubby Checker "The Fly" on Roulette

Beasts of Bourbon "Ten Wheels for Jesus" on Big Time

The Kazoo Brothers "Soul Man" on Rhino

YouTube Movie of the Week: Bo Diddley Documentary 1966

Sunday, November 27, 2022

Devil Shootin' Dice: Playlist for 11.25.22


Hope everyone had a tip-top Thanksgiving! I was the lucky guest of Ryan King and Wendy Norton, who are great friends and the rock'n'rollers who put the Ramma and Lamma in my opening theme song each and every week. 

New releases this week from the legendary Senders, who have a dynamite new double LP or double CD compilation out on Wisconsin-based Left for Dead Records. Also new music this week from Wild Billy Childish & the Singing Loins on Damaged Goods, Churchwood on Saustex and the Popular Creeps on Big Stir Records.

In other news this week, Kicksville USA, the online radio arm of Norton Records and Kicks Magazine, debuted, delivering way-killer music 24/7 and "special focus" programs like interviews with Dion and lost recordings from Fortune Records - oh, my! Listen at their website or at TuneIn.

This way to Zero Hour.

Ramma Lamma "Zero Hour theme" on Self

Oblivians "Ride That Train" on Crypt Records

Boyd Gilmore "All in My Dreams" on Secret

Sonics "Blow Out" on Norton

The Senders "Devil Shootin' Dice" on Left for Dead

Eugene Fox "Sinners  Dream" on Secret

Jon Wayne "But I've Got Texas" on Third Man Records

Churchwood "The Boule Oui" on Saustex Records & Entertainment, LLC

Roger Miller "Heartbreak Hotel" on Hilltop

Johnny Thunders "Pipeline" on Real Records

6 String Drag "Bottle of Blues" on E-Squared

Booker T & The M.G. s "Children, Don't Get Weary" on Stax

Javier Escovedo "Gypsy Son" on Saustex Media

The Little Girls "Earthquake Song" on Big Beat

Link Wray & His Ray Men "The Freeze" on Sundazed

Trolley "My Actions Are My Words" on Easter

The Blow Pops "Stop!" on Get Hip

The Haskels "Little Dolls" on Splunge

The Trusty Knife "Goliath  & Son" on Dusty Medical Records

The Mod VI "It's the Not Same" on Gear Fab

Danny & the Darleans "Girl" on In The Red

Mark IV "Swingin' Hangout" on Outhouse Records

Chuck Berry "Oh Yeah" on Geffen*

The Twisters "Peppermint Twist" on Crown

Jerry Lee Lewis "Pumping Piano Rock" on Rhino

Ronnie Milsap "Wish You Were Here" on Kent Soul

The Diablos "Come Home, Little Girl" on Regency

Spanking Charlene "Tie Me Up" on Slacker Music

Jack Oblivian "Lover Please!" on Big Legal Mess Records

Otis Redding "Look At That Girl" on Atco

The Tough & Lovely "The Ooh la La" on Spoonful

Dex Romweber "Nightide" on Bloodshot Records

Barbara Lynn "You Left the Water Running" on Kent Soul

Miriam "Our Love Can Still Be Saved" on Norton Records Inc.

The Ronettes "When I Saw You" on Abcko

Popular Creeps "Flame Thrower" on Big Stir

Young Fresh Fellows "November" on Yep Roc Records

Amy Rigby "Year of the Fling" on Signature Sounds Recordings

The Moaners "Bartender's Lament" on Holidays for Quince Records

Nancy Lee Jordan "Happy Don't Last Forever" on Numero Group

Librarians with Hickeys "Stumbling Down Memory Lane" on Big Stir Records

Bird Streets "On Fire" on Deko Entertainment

Gentleman Jesse "Hunger" on Beach Impediment

The Hondells "Just One More Chance" on Ace

The Kinks "Got My Feet On the Ground" on Reprise

The Rondels "One More Chance" on AIP

The Afghan Whigs "A Line of Shots" on Royal Cream

Movie Movie "Big City Tonight" on Movie Movie

The Wonder Stuff "Grin" on Polydor

Harmonica Lewinski "Panther Beat" on 2020 Harmonica Lewinski

Wild Billy Childish & the Singing Loins "Stood Upon a Chair" on Damaged Goods

Julie Christensen "Jimmy Reed is the King of Rock n' Roll" on Wirebird / JTMMusic

You Tube Movie of the Week
Check out this great PBS noir documentary before Noirvember 2022 takes the big dirt nap (hat tip to Derek Davidson, who can be seen in the previous video with his new band Movie Movie) : 

Saturday, November 19, 2022

And I'm Back: Playlist for 11.18.22

Returning to Blogspot for playlist posting and assorted rambling -- can you feel the excitement? Dig this episode, my return after many teaching-related absences this fall. I played a few new albums, including ones by Joecephus and The George Jonestown Massacre, Bird Streets and the dynamite new Gear Fab compilation, Psychedelic States: The Carolinas in the '60s. I also did a belated and brief tribute to Jerry Lee Lewis. I just might do another belated tribute next week.

It was a Discovery Radio week, so Zero Hour starts about 30 minutes into the archive. Hoping to do more than post playlists on the site, which I kind of used to do when I first started the blog, We'll see -- hope to see you around! I accidentally deleted my reading list, so please let me know if there are blogs, etc. I should add. Thanks to Tim "Quixotronic" Demeter for the groovy, outstanding, tip-top new blog logo.

Ramma Lamma "Zero Hour theme" on Self

The Raunch Hands "Detox Moon" on Crypt Records

Subsonics "Why Don't You Give Up On Flowers" on Slovenly Recordings

Spanking Charlene "Cry Baby" on Slacker Music

Hoodoo Gurus "I Come From Your Future" on Universal Music Australia (Distribution)

Pocket FishRmen "Positive Vibes" on Saustex

Miss Georgia Peach "You Blow My Mind" on RumBar Records

Certain Stars "Maribel" on Cuba Libre Records

Mothers Room "Passionate Kisses" on Rockhaus

The Grovelers "Distance Between" on The Grovelers

Spud Bucket "Standing Right Here" on Spud Bucket

Rose Maddox "Happy Everyday I Live" on Takoma

Otis Redding "My Lover's Prayer" on Volt

The Byrds "Lady Friend" on Ace

Bird Streets & Ed Harcourt "Sleeper Agent" on Deko Entertainment

Suzi Quatro "She's in Love with You (2017 Remaster)" on Chrysalis Records

Dion "Lost for Sure" on Capitol Records (CAP)

Terry Anderson "I Love Everybody" on Doublenaught Records

The Grifs "Catch a Ride" on Gear Fab

Unknown "I've Had Enough" on Norton Records

The Second Helping "Let Me In" on Beat Rocket

The Piltdown Men "Gargantura" on Bear Family

The Cramps "Fever" on IRS Records

John Sowell & Jack Olsen Orch. "Nightmares" on Koko-Mojo

Jerry Lee Lewis "Meatman"

Jerry Lee Lewis "Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On" on Smash

Jerry Lee Lewis "Whole Lot of Twistin' Going On" on Rhino

Jerry Lee Lewis "Lovin' Up a Storm" on Sun International

Jerry Lee Lewis "Herman the Hermit" on Picwick

Jerry Lee Lewis "I Hate Goodbyes" on Mercury Nashville

Carl Mann "Knocking on the Backside" on Charly

Hasil Adkins "Gonna Have Me a Yard Sale" on Norton Records

Phil Lee "Nobody's Gotta Know" on Shanachie

Joecephus and The George Jonestown Massacre "Summer of 93" on Saustex Records & Entertainment, LLC

Sky "How's That Treatin' Your Mouth, Babe?" on RCA

Smile "American Top Forty" on Staple Gun

Movie Movie "Love Has Come and Gone" on Movie Movie

Paul Collins "Just Too Bad You're Leaving" on Alive Naturalsound

Librarians with Hickeys "Over You" on Big Stir Records

Happy Thanksgiving!

Saturday, October 10, 2020

Playlist for 10.9.20

Ramma Lamma / Zero Hour theme / Self

The Yum Yums / Let's Go Crazy / Rum Bar

Redd Kross / Starlust / Merge Records

Slander Tongue / Lucifer / Slovenly Recordings

The Breadmakers / Swamped! / Soundflat Records

Harmonica Lewinski / Yellow Fever / Harmonica Lewinski

Optic Sink / Girls in Gray / Goner

Psychedelic Sex Kicks / A Thin Pad / Modern Harmonic

Jacques Dutronc / Les gens sont fous, les temps sont flous / Vogue

The Bushmen / Down Home Girl / Modern Harmonic

Hoodoo Gurus / Hung Out To Dry / Universal Music Australia (Distribution)

Rev. John Wilkins / I've Got Something / Goner

Bloodshot Bill / Don't Cry Alone / Goner

Louie Lasky / How You Want Your Rolling Done? / Mississippi

The William Loveday Intention / Sonora's Death Row / Damaged Goods Records

Clint Briggs / Fools Hall of Fame / Modern Harmonic

Robert Nighthawk / Nighthawk Boogie / Fat Possum

Primitive Broadcast Service / City of Clocks / Self-released

Murder Generation / Media Slow Death / Murder Generation

Indonesian Junk / Outfit / Indonesian Junk

Trolley / Two Tickets to the Moon / Easter Records

Blake Jones / Three Jerks in a Jeep / Big Stir Records

The Bachelor Pad / Girl of Your Dreams / Cherry Red Records

Theatre Royal / Lift Our Heads / Vacilando '68

Damnations TX / Things I Once Adored / Sire

Shplang / That Word Is Love / Big Stir Records

The Sensible Gray Cells / So Long / Damaged Goods Records

Reals / Wilhelm Scream / Dirty Water

The Lurkers / Approaching System Overload / Damaged Goods Records

The Mal Thursday Quintet / Gilligans Wake / Chunk Archives Recordings

Messer Chups / Freddy Krueger's Holiday / MuSick Recordings

MFC Chicken / Always, Always, Always / Dirty Water Records

Hipbone Slim and His Crown Toppers / The Hump / Folc Records

Brad Marino / False Alarm / Rum Bar Records

Keith Allison / Catch the Wind / Columbia/Legacy

Rachel Brooke / Picture on the Wall / Self-Released

Norma Jean / The Future Ex-Mrs Jones / RCA/Legacy

Bonnie Whitmore / Love Worth Remembering / Aviatrix Records

Kenny Roby / New Strings / Royal Potato Family

The Pocket Gods / Tuesday Night Socialist Club / Nub Music

The Singing Loins / Just This Lake / Vacilando '68

Dean & Britta / Massachusetts / Self-released

The Derailers / Then She Kissed Me / Sire

Little Richard / Dancing In the Street / Omnivore Recordings

Barbara Lynn / You Finally Got Your Good Thing Back / Crimson

Will Kimbrough / Philadelphia Mississippi / Daphne Records

Red Meat / Something's Just Not Right (Live) / Ranchero Records

Black Voodoo One Man Band / I'm Black Voodoo / kafadan kontak

Total Rejects / No Brains / Slovenly Recordings


Dead in Los Angeles: Playlist for 1.27.23

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